Jamshid Esedov

Jamshid Esedov

I am a freelance writer specializing in stories about health, mental health, medical news, astrology, animal care, medicines and useful information. I write all the articles I write with empathy and accuracy, and I have the ability to connect with readers in an insightful and engaging way. I love hiking and making new friends. If you like my articles, you can follow me on Instagram.
  • HealthWaking Up With Dry Eyes

    Waking Up With Dry Eyes: Causes, Treatment Methods

    Dry eye is a disease that shows symptoms in the form of inflammation, stinging and itching in the eye and can occur due to many different reasons. The main cause of dry eye is the inability of the eye to secrete enough tears. Tears nourish the cornea and moisturize the…

  • HealthBirth Control Pill

    Birth Control Pill: Usage For Pregnant Women, Side Effects

    What is the birth control pill? What does it do? What are the side effects? We will try to answer all these questions. Pills should be used after examination and evaluation of the patient under the supervision of a doctor. Because there are different pills with very different effects. It…

  • DrugsTexa Pills

    Texa Pills: Side Effects, Uses, Doses, Precautions And More

    Texa pills come in 10 mg tablets and are sold in Aluminum/PVC blister packs of 10, 30 or 500 tablets. Texa Syrup is a Type 3 amber glass bottle with a white polyethylene cap. Pack sizes are 50 ml, 150 ml and 200 ml. Even if your symptoms are the…

  • DrugsGml Apeti Pills

    Gml Apeti Pills: What Is It Used For? What Are The Side Effects?

    There are some things you should know before using Gml Apeti Pills. You may not need Medicines to Gain Weight. At the end of our article, you can find some food list that will help you gain weight without medication. In recent years, weight gaining or weakening pills, mixtures or…

  • PlantsFrench Lavender

    French Lavender: Uses, Benefits, Where To Buy? Side Effects

    French Lavender is a medicinal herb that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It belongs to the lavender plant family. Its Latin name is lavandula stoechas. In World War I, it was used to heal and disinfect wounds. French Lavender has many benefits for physical and mental health.…

  • PlantsBergamot Tree

    Bergamot Tree: Care, Zone, Flower, Usage Areas, Benefits

    The fruit from the bergamot tree is often used to sweeten Earl Gray tea. Therefore, it has quickly gained popularity around the world. Bergamot tree starts to yield 3 years after planting. For this reason, although it is a suitable environment for growing in some countries, it is not preferred…

  • PlantsFushia

    What is Fuchsia Plant And How Should It Be Taken Care Of?

    We will tell you about a beauty which we do not see in our daily life. It is much different from the flowers we are used to with its color and stance. What kind of flower is Fuchsia, which has given the name “Onagraceae” with its pendulous appearance? How is…

  • HealthSweet Potatoes

    Are Sweet Potatoes Good For You?

    The National Institute of Health (NIH) says that sweet potatoes are anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory herbs. The consumption of sweet potato, which benefits psychological diseases such as stress and insomnia, has started to increase in our country in recent years. We searched for questions about sweet potatoes, which are high…

  • DrugsFenistil Gel

    What is Fenistil Gel? How To Use This Gel Properly?

    What is Fenistil Gel? What does Fenistil gel do? Effective in terms of skin care, this cream contains an active ingredient that belongs to a group of drugs called antihistamines. This product, whose active ingredient is dimetinden maleate, is used to relieve itching associated with skin reactions such as skin…

  • Drugsespumisan

    What is Espumisan Drug? What Are The Side Effects?

    Be sure to read this entire article carefully as it contains important information for you. It may be an over-the-counter drug, but you should not use it unless your doctor recommends it. For best results, be sure to use the medication as directed by your doctor. Ask your pharmacist if…

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