Cemşid Esedov

Cemşid Esedov

I have been writing articles in the health category for almost 3 years. In my spare time, I like to learn about psychology, drugs, the human body, diseases and their treatments.
  • Pet GroomingAsked Questions About Dogs

    5 Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs

    Our dogs that live with us in our home have always been our friends. Is not it? There are many questions that come to mind about these loyal friends. Today we will try to answer your questions. If you can’t find answers to your questions in our article, mention them…

  • Useful InformationsWhat Do Men Want

    What Do Men Want? Behaviors To Watch Out For

    If you open Google and search for how many men there are in the world, you will learn that there are 3.97 billion men. But you will never find the exact answer to this question, as not all men are the same. Most men have the same mentality. This is…

  • HealthBenefits Of Banana

    10 Benefits Of Banana On Human Health

    Banana, which is among the most consumed fruits in the world, is an important source of potassium and pectin, a type of fiber. At the same time, banana meets our body’s need for magnesium, vitamins C and B6. 100 grams of banana has the nutritional value listed below (% Daily…

  • HealthBenefits Of Orange

    10 Benefits Of Orange For The Human Body

    Orange oil is obtained by squeezing the sweet orange. Orange leaves and flowers can also be used in orange oil. Orange oil is generally used in spray form, by diffusion in aromatherapy, or as a massage oil. Studies show that orange oil stops the growth of some types of bacteria…

  • HealthEffects Of The Gut On Human And Mental Health

    Effects Of The Gut On Human And Mental Health

    Have you ever wondered why they call the gut the second brain of the human body? Blurring of consciousness, mood swings, headaches, and poor memory can all be signs of an unhappy gut. Because the gut plays a huge role in a healthy body, it is important to improve the…

  • Useful InformationsSummer Safety Tips

    Top 10 Summer Safety Tips You Need To Know In 2022

    We are coming towards the end of the winter months. Especially in the summer months, the heat can create a problem that will negatively affect everyone from young to old. There are some rules you should follow to avoid these problems. By following these rules, you can protect yourself and…

  • HealthVitamin rich fruits

    The 10 Best Vitamin-rich Fruits You Should Consume In 2022

    Vitamins are organic compounds that the body needs in small quantities to sustain life. Vitamins are usually taken from food because the human body does not produce enough of the vitamins. Why Are Vitamins Important For Human Health? Vitamins, which must be present in certain proportions in our body, have…

  • Useful InformationsPrecautions To Be Taken In The Winter Months

    11 Best Precautions To Take In Winter

    There are some precautions to be taken during the winter months. Especially the elderly people have a high risk of slipping and breaking their bodies during the winter months. Older people’s bodies are weak and if their bones are broken, it is very difficult to heal. The reason for this…

  • HealthConstipation

    Constipation: Pregnant Women, Babies, Treatment Methods

    Constipation is the name given to the condition of three or fewer defecations per week due to slow bowel movements. Constipation, which causes adverse conditions such as defecation difficulty, incomplete emptying of stool, painful defecation and bloating, is common among intestinal disorders. Constipation can sometimes be seen as a result…

  • Useful InformationsTrigoxin

    Trigoxin Drug: Is It Real? Does It Really Cause Paralysis?

    If you want to learn about the drug Trigoxin, you probably watched the movie Run. Since its premiere on November 20, Run has taken its place among Hulu’s most-watched movies. When we look at the movie, Sarah Paulson plays the mother of a young girl (Chloe) who has hemochromatosis, arrhythmia,…

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