Cemşid Esedov

Cemşid Esedov

I have been writing articles in the health category for almost 3 years. In my spare time, I like to learn about psychology, drugs, the human body, diseases and their treatments.
  • PlantsAmapola Flower

    Amapola Flower: Care, Benefits, Meaning, Features

    The Latin name of the Amapola flower is Papaveraceae. This flower, which is a plant species from the poppy family, grows in temperate climates and has more than 500 species. Poppy flowers (Amapola flower), which are very difficult to care for, are white, pink, red flowers that form on their…

  • PlantsBlue Lotus Tea

    Blue Lotus Tea: Dosage, Side Effects, Recipe, Use Of

    Blue Lotus tea is prepared from a plant called blue lily flower and has a very nice scent. We often hear the name of this flower when it comes to mind-related issues. Blue Lotus tea has been used in ancient times to treat restlessness, sleepiness, anxiety, and some mild aphrodisiac…

  • PlantsBacopa

    Moneywort (Bacopa): Benefits, Care, Light Requirements

    Moneywort (Bacopa) is among the plants that are good for memory. In modern Western herbal medicine, bacopa is used to relieve tension and prevent stress. Herbal medicine practitioners also recommend this herb for emotional health, physical endurance, and a healthy immune system. Bacopa (Moneywort) is a plant that loves swamps.…

  • HealthAlcoholic Nose

    Alcoholic Nose (Rhinophyma): What Is? How Is It Treated?

    Contrary to popular belief, Alcoholic Nose does not occur with the use of alcohol. Rhinofima (alcohol nose) disease also has different names, and these can also be called “whiskey nose”, “gin blossom”, “taurus nose” and “potato nose”. Source: https://www.williamsfacialsurgery.com/ What Is Rhinophyma (Alcoholic Nose)? Rhinophyma disease is a type of…

  • HealthGardenia Jasminoides

    Gardenia Jasminoides (Cape Jasmine): How to Care?

    What do we know about Gardenia Jasminoides, one of the most popular potted flowers with its scent and beautiful appearance? Another name of the plant is “Cape Jasmine”. You may need this article to learn more about the diseases and care of this flower that surrounds our home with its…

  • PlantsGordolobo Tea

    Gordolobo Tea: Benefits, Side Effects, Where To Buy

    Gordolobo is a herbal tea with antiviral and antibacterial properties that is frequently used in the treatment of colds in the world. This plant has different names such as Everlasting, Life everlasting, Cudweed, Mexican mullein. Gordolobo is a tea made from the flowers and leaves of the Verbascum thapsus plant.…

  • HealthWhy Do My Tears Burn Like Acid

    Why Do My Tears Burn Like Acid?

    When you cry, you may experience burning in your eyes and a stuffy nose in some cases. Have you ever wondered why? Tears are constantly produced to keep our eyes moist. Tears are necessary for our eyes to function properly and for us to see clearly. Tears are produced by…

  • DrugsCan You Take DayQuil At Night

    Can You Take DayQuil At Night?

    The common cold is a disease that can happen to people of all ages, and it is a disease that needs attention and usually does not pose a risk. At the end of our article, we will give you some ideas on how you can heal yourself naturally at home…

  • Healthmiralax

    Miralax Dosage In Teaspoons: Miralax Powder Dosage

    Chronic constipation can sometimes become a very annoying disease. If you have problems with your intestines, getting examined by a doctor will help you understand what is causing your illness. Please note that you can use Miralax laxative with the advice of the doctor (This applies to all other drugs,…

  • DrugsReparil Gel

    Reparil Gel: Side Effects, Price, Instructions For Use

    Reparil gel is a gel containing 1% escin and 5% 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, N-ethylenetanamine salt (diethylamine salicylate). Please note that you should only use this gel if your doctor has prescribed it. Below we will also cite sources for you to rely on the information we provide, but this does not…

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