Medicines starting with H

  • Hepagard

    What is Hepagard 0.5 mg Tablet And What Are its Side Effects?

    The active ingredient of the medicine is Entecavir. Hepagard 0.5 mg Film-Coated Tablet is an antiviral (fighting against viruses) medicine that prevents the multiplication of hepatitis B viruses and prevents them from infecting liver cells. It is used in the treatment of HBV – hepatitis B (liver inflammation) virus infection…

  • Hydramed Eye Drops

    Hydramed Eye Drops Benefits for Dry Eyes

    If your eyes are hypersensitive to wind or heat and they easily itch and become irritated, chances are you have a syndrome called dry eye. What is Hydramed Eye Drops? HydraMed eye drops are lubricating and have incredible effects. If your eyes are dry, all you have to do is…

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