Benefits Of Yoni Steam: Things To Know About Vaginal Steam

It should not be forgotten that there are no scientific studies to show the benefit of vaginal steam.

“While this ancient work strengthens the womb connection and connects us with our female lineage before us, it also activates the womb wisdom that has been carried to us from them. All these studies help us to heal the past and reach the future with healthier information and uterine connection, as they support the release of traumas in our pelvic floor muscles.”

İlkgün Amitabha has over 6 years of experience with vaginal steam baths.

Vaginal Steam Baths is an application made by contacting the hot steam of tea prepared with herbs to the vulva in a timely manner, depending on the reason for use.

Vaginal steaming involves sitting on steam that penetrates the pores, soft tissue, and other openings of the pelvic area.

Thanks to the infusion of plants in water, the healing properties added to the water vapor are brought into contact with the vulva and healing is achieved in certain issues.

There is no known scientific clinical scientific study to explain how Vaginal steaming works, which is a very ancient practice that we know has been applied for thousands of years in many parts of the world.

Although vaginal steaming has not been extensively studied medically, there is growing evidence to suggest it may be a useful practice for certain gynecological conditions.

Benefits Of Yoni Steam

  • Heat stimulates the vessels to the uterus, improves circulation, and regulates irregular menstrual cycles.
  • It supports the reduction of menstrual pain by nourishing the blood vessels of the uterus.
  • Softens closed scar tissue
  • It moisturizes the skin tissue.
  • It clears uterine stagnation improving normal uterine function and makes very positive contributions to fertility and reproductive health.
  • It regulates the vaginal microbiome and stimulates the healthy bacterial defense mechanism.
  • It helps regulate hormone function.
  • It can stimulate the release of oxytocin.
  • It causes spiritual purification.
  • It increases sexual pleasure and desire.
  • Regulates menstrual frequency and health.
  • It reduces PMS.
  • It is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Vaginal Steam Baths provide an improvement depending on the characteristics of the herbs used, their ratio in the blend and the combined species.

Therefore, there is a method of preparing herbal formulas.

Its working principle is not so simple as to say, “A few pinches of this, a little of that, and here’s what I’m going to put together and find a solution to all my problems”.

Day 1 of your cycle is the day you first bleed with red blood.

The time to the next red bleed is the cycle length.

You should calculate the cycle according to the brown discharge that comes at the beginning or end of the cycle.

The cycle begins the day the red blood comes in.

Vaginal steam bath can be done during the spotting times at the beginning and end of the cycle.

Benefits Of Yoni Steam

In Which Cases A Vaginal Steam Bath Is Not Performed?

  • During the menstrual period.
  • In very hot weather
  • If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, after intercourse during ovulation.
  • If you have a contraceptive built into the uterus or have had your tubes tied to prevent pregnancy.
  • If there is a wound on the vulva.
  • If you have had at least 2 breakthrough bleeding in the last 3 months.
  • If your vulva itches and it burns a lot.

Is Vaginal Steaming Safe?

Vaginal steaming is generally safe if you are not pregnant and are done by professionals. If your vagina is exposed to too much steam, you may face the formation of fungus.

When Is The Right Time To Steam Vagina?

This procedure can be done at any time of the day, but experts recommend doing it just before going to bed. If you are not going to do it before going to bed, give yourself time to rest for 1-2 hours after the application.
Remember that steaming is a body detoxification that will leave you feeling very relaxed or tired afterward. Therefore, sleeping after a vaginal steam session has such a profound benefit.

How Much Mix Should I Use?

4-6 tablespoons per session.

What Is The Best Mix For Cysts Or Pcos?

The Circulation, Luteal Love, Cleanse, and Chill Out formulas all have herbal properties that can help clear out cysts. Choose the mix that suits you best.


Benefits Of Yoni Steam is a medically unproven method of vaginal steaming.

If you are going to do the vaginal steam treatment, you should make sure that you do it together with the specialist, not alone.

Some dermatologists believe this steam does more harm than good, as it scalds your vagina.
This is also our thinking.
Vagina is an organ that gets tired a lot in women according to birth, menstruation and different factors. It would not be a good idea to tire this organ out by steaming it.
If you have menstrual cramps, you can try different methods instead of steam. Below we will give you short tips that will be useful to you.

Heat – helps relieve menstrual pain. Also, a bath is a great way to relax both physically and mentally.

If you have a bathtub, fill it with hot water, add some bath salt (lavender will cope with stress), turn on your favorite music, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!

Massage your belly with essential oils. Studies have revealed that a massage with essential oils can relieve menstrual pain.

Lavender and clary sage will relieve pain and help you relax.

Cinnamon and eucalyptus reduce inflammation. Chamomile and ylang-ylang relax muscles and reduce nervousness.

Place your palms in the middle of your tummy and start making large circles, pressing lightly. Do this 30 times.

Put your hands under your ribs on your back. Start moving your hands down until they reach your tailbone. Repeat this process about 30 times.

Rub your lower abdomen with both hands about 30 times.

Knead your stomach with your knuckles for about 30 seconds.

To improve the effect and make the process more pleasant, take the help of the essential oils we recommend above.

While there are so many scientifically proven studies, it would not be a good idea to turn to scientifically unproven steam.

If you have watery discharge, this article will draw your attention.

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