Cemsid Esedov

Cemsid Esedov

I have been writing articles in the health category for almost 2 years. In my spare time, I like to learn about psychology, drugs, the human body, diseases and their treatments.
  • Useful InformationsDo Shrooms Go Bad

    Do Shrooms Go Bad? When Are Mushrooms Dangerous?

    Mushroom, which contains many minerals and is rich in antioxidants and protein, is used in the most delicious recipes. Mushrooms with high nutritional value have different species. Although some of these species are suitable for food, some should not be consumed as they are poisonous. If the mushroom kept in…

  • HealthBichectomia

    How Is Bichectomia Surgery Done?

    Bichectomia, which can also be defined as cheek aesthetics, is a type of aesthetic operation performed by removing cheek fat to give the facial features a sharper appearance. Hollywood cheek and Bichectomia are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably. Bichectomia operation can be considered as a part of Hollywood cheek…

  • HealthAbout Diabetes

    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Diabetes

    Diabetes is defined as the body’s inability to use blood sugar properly. Diabetes mellitus is rapidly increasing due to the prevalence of malnutrition and inactivity. While diabetes threatens people from all age groups, one person dies every six seconds in the world due to problems related to diabetes. Studies show…

  • HealthAre Cherries Good For Diabetics

    Are Cherries Good For Diabetics?

    If you are looking for an answer to the question “Are Cherries Good For Diabetics”, you are at the right place. Increasing temperatures, eating until late hours with the prolongation of the days and consuming fruits with a high glycemic index such as watermelon and melon can cause blood sugar…

  • DrugsMadecassol

    What Is Madecassol Cream And What Is It Used For?

    This cream, whose active ingredient is Centella Asiatica, has a very nice scent. If you are a parent, you cannot ignore the risk of your children falling while playing. Adults or children can use this cream during injuries. It is important to avoid any secondary infection in order to speed…

  • HealthHow To Heal Sunburn Fast

    How To Heal Sunburn Fast? Most Effective Methods

    How To heal sunburn fast the question is a topic that a lot of people search for in the summer months. People who are exposed to too much sun during the summer months and have sensitive skin are looking for solutions to their complaints such as itching, redness and even…

  • HealthWhen Can Babies Have Water

    When Can Babies Have Water?

    One of the most curious and researched issues of new mothers is when to give water to babies. Mothers who wonder when to give water to their newborn baby are looking for satisfactory answers and expert opinions on this subject. The information published in this article is for informational purposes…

  • Animal Carewhat-dogs-can-and-cannot-eat

    Fruits And Vegetables That Dogs Can And Cannot Eat

    When you adopt a dog, the question you should ask yourself is, are you ready to take responsibility for this creature, which has an average lifespan of 10-15 years and lives depending on humans? When choosing the dog that will fit into your life, remember that beautiful hybrid dogs are…

  • Useful InformationsHow Many Legs Does A Spider Have

    How Many Legs Does A Spider Have?

    Spiders are arthropods of the class Arachnida, which are widely spread all over the world. Until now, all spiders were thought to be predators, but this turned out not to be true. I can’t sleep since I heard that some spider species only eat grass ๐Ÿ˜€ Spiders belong to their…

  • Useful InformationsHow Long Do Butterflies Live

    How Long Do Butterflies Live?

    “How Long Do Butterflies Live?” is among the questions that many people wonder. Butterflies are magnificent products of the metamorphosis event that stirs our hearts every time we see it. On nature walks, our eyes look for butterflies everywhere. How much do we know about the butterflies we want to…

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