Pet Grooming

  • what-dogs-can-and-cannot-eat

    Food Dogs Can Eat and Can’t Eat

    When you adopt a dog, the question you should ask yourself is, are you ready to take responsibility for this creature, which has an average lifespan of 10-15 years and lives depending on humans? When choosing the dog that will fit into your life, remember that beautiful hybrid dogs are…

  • Are Pears Good For Dogs

    Can Dogs Eat Pears? When Can Dogs Not Eat Pears?

    Pears are frequently consumed today because of their many health benefits. Pears are rich in natural sugars that can be beneficial for both humans and dogs. If you have a dog at home, this is just one of the signs that you are a good person. You have to be…

  • What Do Cats Like To Eat For Breakfast

    What Do Cats Like To Eat For Breakfast?

    The question of what do cats eat is one of the most important problems in the minds of every cat-owning animal lover. Although the cats we feed at home are more fortunate in this regard and are fed dry food, wet food and different supplements, unfortunately this is not the…

  • How to deworm a cat

    How To Deworm A Cat? The Most Effective Methods!

    Did you know that the most common parasites in cats are roundworms and tapeworms? There are many types of worms parasites (For example roundworms and hookworms) that affect cats. A fecal test will usually reveal whether your cat has parasites. Internal parasites can live in the intestines, stomach, liver, heart…

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