• Eucalipto

    What Is The Eucalipto Plant?

    On hot summer days in Australia, the smell of Eucalipto makes the air beautiful. This is the natural habitat of more than 680 species of Eucalipto. Various species of eucalyptus, from crooked shrubs to gigantic trees, cover three-quarters of Australian vegetation. What Are The Benefits Of Eucalipto? Eucalyptus has also…

  • French Lavender

    How To Grow French Lavender?

    French Lavender is a medicinal herb that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It belongs to the lavender plant family. Its Latin name is lavandula stoechas. In World War I, it was used to heal and disinfect wounds. French Lavender has many benefits for physical and mental health.…

  • Bergamot Tree

    What is Bergamot Tree? How to Care for This Plant?

    Although bergamot is commonly known as a flavoring, it is a food on its own. Bergamot, which has a sour taste, has been used in alternative medicine since ancient times. This tree is hardy and is a citrus variety. So what is the bergamot orange tree, where and how does…

  • Fushia

    What is Fushia Plant And How Should It Be Taken Care Of?

    We will tell you about a beauty that we do not see in our daily life. It is much different from the flowers we are used to with its color and stance. What kind of flower is Fushia, which has given the name “Earring Flower” with its pendulous appearance? How…

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