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Easy Getting Pregnant Positions

While the pregnancy process is a planned action for some couples, some couples start the pregnancy process completely by surprise.

Couples who start this process on a planned basis have some tests done before the experiment and act according to these tests.

In this case, if there is a health problem, precautions can be taken.

In this case, easy pregnancy positions for those who try pregnancy are also a matter of curiosity.

Because it is very important for the sperm to meet the egg during sexual intercourse.

In this process, the pregnancy process can become easier when the correct position is used.

When couples are not in the right position during sexual intercourse, especially during ejaculation, sperm may flow out.

For this reason, it is thought that some positions recommended by experts for sexual intercourse may provide easier pregnancy.

The main purpose of these positions to facilitate pregnancy is to make it easier for the sperm to reach the egg without flowing out without any problems.

Couples can get more effective results during pregnancy by trying suitable ones from these positions.

Of course, special attention is required in order for the sperm to combine with the egg in every position.

What Are The Easiest Positions To Get Pregnant?

According to experts, trying positions to get pregnant is a beneficial process.

Some experts also think that there are no easy positions to get pregnant.

But experts often say that the correct position, according to the laws of physics, has an auxiliary function in getting pregnant.

Easy Getting Pregnant Positions

Positions that can assist in this process are listed below:

1. Missionary Position

Missionary position

It is the position where the man is at the top and the woman is at the bottom.

It can be described as the most familiar pregnancy position.

In this position, when the woman’s waist is supported by a pillow with a low height, the sperm can find a chance to move more easily with the effect of gravity.

This position is a method frequently used by couples.

2. Doggy Style

Doggy Style

In this position, the woman stands on her knee with her back turned.

The man is also in a position to gain access to the vagina from behind.

The woman must stand by supporting her hands.

In this position, the penis is in a position close to the oviduct.

In this way, the sperm can reach the eggs in a shorter way.

3. Legs On The Shoulders, Hips In The Air

In this position, the woman is lying on her back.

The man stands on his knees.

The women’s legs are on the men’s shoulders.

This creates a certain angle between the legs and shoulders.

Speak angle allows the sperm to reach their goal by moving more easily with the support of gravity.

4. Woman’s Legs On The Shoulders Man’s Legs Are Straight

In this position, the woman’s legs are on the man’s shoulders.

The woman is lying on her back.

The man’s legs should also be straight and lie down on the woman to gain access to the vagina.

All positions where the woman’s legs are on the shoulders are said to be easy conception positions.

5. Spoon Position


This position gets its name from the fact that couples stand like spoons.

When doubles take the position, it is like two spoons in a row.

After the women lie on their side, the men grasp the woman from behind and provide access to the vagina.

In this position, the woman should lift her upper leg upwards.

If a pillow is used in this process, it will be more comfortable.

Thus, the sperm can reach the eggs in a shorter time.

6. Hips In The Air Stomach On The Ground

In this position, the woman lies face down.

Her stomach should also lie down so that she can touch the ground.

She then lifts her hips upwards.

It is recommended to use pillows in this process.

In the position where the hip is in the air and the stomach is on the ground, the male passes to the back section and enters the vagina from there.

Thus, the pregnancy process can begin without any problems.

Do Sexual Positions Make It Easier To Get Pregnant?

Couples usually get support from specialists in order to have a child.

The most important factor in this process is to be careful in every matter.

A healthy pregnancy can occur as soon as the sperm and eggs meet.

In this process, it may be possible for couples to increase the likelihood of the sperm and egg meeting each other with the scientific and physical positions applied during sexual intercourse.

In other words, the methods we call easy pregnancy positions can be effective in this regard.

During sexual intercourse, millions of sperm go from the man’s sperm to the woman’s vagina.

Some of the sperms that make their way through the female reproductive system lose their effect in the vagina.

It may also die or tend to slow down.

In short, only a few of millions of sperm enter the oviduct. In summary, only a few sperm can reach the egg cell.

One of the sperm that provides access to the egg cell successfully enters the egg and ensures fertilization.

In other words, it is not possible to combine sperm and egg after every sexual intercourse.

However, the so-called childbearing positions can facilitate the sperm’s access to the eggs.

This can increase the likelihood of successful pregnancy.

For this, it is very important to use the correct positions.

Tips To Help You Get Pregnant

Couples often say that having too much sex increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

Therefore, it is wrong to have sexual intercourse more than once a day or every day.

At the same time, not having enough sexual intercourse reduces the possibility of fertilization.

It is recommended that couples have sexual intercourse at least 3 times a week.

Don’t be obsessed with easy pregnancy positions.

Experience sexual intercourse in the right positions that will provide rhythm.

Just don’t try to have sex on the exact day of ovulation.

Begin the sexual intercourse process from the previous process.

Of course, you should calculate the ovulation day well in this process.

If you have decided to have a baby in this process, pregnancy positions will help you.

However, if there has been no successful pregnancy in unprotected sexual intercourse for 1 year, you should definitely get support from a specialist.

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