Yellowing Of The Teeth: Causes And Treatment Methods

Sometimes laughing can embarrass us in case of any cavities or yellow discoloration on our teeth.

Yellowing teeth is a condition that can happen to anyone and is usually not serious.

Apart from the natural color of your teeth, the most important reason for the occurrence of yellowing is your eating and drinking habits.

The antibiotics you use during tooth development or the constant use of drugs can also cause your teeth to turn yellow.

Yellowing Of The Teeth

Why Are My Teeth Yellow When I Brush Them Everyday?

The toothpaste you use may be one of the reasons why your teeth are not whitening.

If your teeth are not whitening after brushing, try changing the toothpaste.

If this problem persists even after changing the toothpaste, see a doctor immediately.

We recommend that you read our article to the end because at the end of our article, we will talk about a few techniques that you can easily do at home to whiten your teeth.

What Causes Yellowing Of The Teeth?

It is normal for our teeth to get dirty, such as the things we use in our lives, our clothes, even our hands and bodies.

There are many foods and drinks that cause our teeth to become dirty.

These foods and beverages include alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, cola, sauces of various colors, vinegar, dark foods, foods containing food coloring.

Frequent consumption of these foods and beverages can lead to soiling and yellowing of the teeth.

In addition to these foods, vegetables and fruits such as grapes, beets, pomegranates can cause staining on your teeth.

Consuming too much acid-containing foods and drinks causes erosion of tooth enamel.

Stain formation and yellowing occur more easily in teeth with worn enamel.

When oral and dental care is not taken care of, the risk of plaque formation and the spread of bacteria on the teeth increases.

These plaques and bacteria will settle in your mouth and teeth over time, causing yellowing of the teeth.

One of the most important factors among the causes of yellowing teeth is excessive consumption of cigarettes and tobacco products.

The nicotine and tar substance you consume can cause your teeth to turn yellow and deteriorate dental health.

Genetic causes lead to yellowing of your teeth at a young age, and this leads to erosion of the tooth enamel and the emergence of the dentin layer in later ages.

Using fluoride toothpastes prevents tooth decay.

Fluoride toothpastes are very important for oral and dental health.

However, using too much fluoride can also cause staining on the teeth.

Therefore, attention should be paid to the fluoride level in toothpastes.

methods for whitening teeth

How To Prevent Tooth Yellowing?

The most important way to prevent teeth yellowing and stains is to pay attention to what you eat and drink.

If you want your teeth to not turn yellow, you need to pay attention to your oral and dental care.

In this way, you will prevent the yellowing of your teeth and the formation of stains, as well as protect your oral and dental health.

No matter how much you care about your oral and dental care, you should go to the dentist at least 2 times a year and be examined.

Because many different discomforts can occur in your mouth and teeth, and they both affect your health negatively and cause your teeth to turn yellow.

If you have made a habit of drinking tea and coffee to prevent your teeth from turning yellow and you are consuming too much, you should reduce your consumption of these beverages.

If you consume alcohol and cigarettes, you should reduce their use, and even quitting them completely is important in preventing other health problems.

If you consume sweet and sugary foods constantly and in large quantities, your teeth will turn yellow.

To eliminate such cases of yellowing, you should regularly brush your teeth correctly.

Besides brushing your teeth, you can also floss and gargle.

Even if you have taken every precaution for yellowing teeth, there is a small chance that your teeth may turn yellow.

In order to remove such yellowing, you can benefit from teeth whitening treatments by applying to specialist physicians.

Or you can whiten your teeth with your own teeth whitening methods at home.

Methods For Teeth Whitening That You Can Do At Home

Teeth Whitening

You can whiten your teeth by trying the following methods:

  • Hydrogen peroxide

You can use hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide can give your teeth a whiter appearance by breaking down the substances that cause yellow stains on the teeth.

Since it is a chemical substance, you may experience tooth sensitivity after the use of hydrogen peroxide.

This substance is used in many toothpastes.

Using hydrogen peroxide directly is not a good idea. Instead, it would be a good idea to look for toothpastes and gels containing hydrogen peroxide in the market.

Make sure you follow the instructions on the package and do not use this substance for too long.

Wait at least 2 minutes after applying it on the teeth and clean your teeth with warm water.

The longer the hydrogen peroxide stays on the teeth, the whiter your teeth can be.

However, care should be taken as it may cause sensitivity if it stays on the teeth for a long time.

  • Baking soda

The faithful pantry ingredient is an ingredient used in teeth whitening and the treatment of many ailments.

The next time you go to the grocery store, be sure to buy dental products containing baking soda in your toothpaste selection.

Because baking soda is less abrasive than other ingredients.

Compared to some toothpastes, products with baking soda are gentler to your teeth.

Experts say that toothpastes and dental products made with baking soda are more effective at removing stains than many other pastes.

  • Oil pulling

Oil pulling is a traditional teeth whitening remedy made by the Indians.

Oil pulling technique not only whitens your teeth, but also helps you improve your oral health and oral hygiene.

The oil pulling process starts with taking oil in your mouth and then crushing it.

You can use any oil in this application, but the most commonly used oils are sesame oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil.

The oil pulling technique will assist you in removing bacteria from your mouth.

The bacteria we mentioned is one of the main causes of yellowing and staining on your teeth.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific study with this technique for now, but most people try this technique and say that it is useful.

If you are going to do oil pulling with coconut, take 1 tablespoon of this oil in your mouth and crush it for 15-20 minutes.

  • Using banana, orange, or lemon peels

It should be noted that there is no scientific study on bananas, oranges or lemons.

However, people who have tried this method also say that the results are positive.

In addition, these 3 fruits do not contain a toxic component.

This means that using these fruits in normal doses is generally risk-free.

To practice this tactic, take the peel of an orange, banana or lemon and rub it gently on your teeth.

Continue this process for about 2 minutes, then rinse your mouth thoroughly and brush your teeth without being too harsh.

One of the reason for teeth whitening of the peels of this fruit is that it contains citric acid.

If you have sensitivity issues, your enamel may be weakened and worn.

It is not recommended to use this solution in such cases.

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