What Causes Burning Vagina During Menstrual Period?

The vagina area is a very sensitive area.

First of all, itching is seen as a result of a change in PH values or irritation in this area. After itching, a burning sensation occurs over time.

Burning in the vagina can be seen at a normal time, as well as during the menstrual period.

Although mild itching and burning complaints do not bother, as their severity increases, they begin to reduce the comfort of life.

During the menstrual period, when there is prolonged burning and itching in the vagina, bad smell and discharge may also occur.

In this case, you should definitely get support from a specialist.

Burning of the vagina is usually caused by vaginal infection, inflammation or sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition, there may be burning in the vaginal area in case of menstrual bleeding due to different reasons.

At the same time, daily pads and chemical cleaners that will disrupt the PH structure of the vagina and shower gel can cause this situation.

Burning complaints in the vagina can occur during sexual intercourse, as well as before the menstrual period or during the menstrual period.

If this discomfort occurs only while urinating, cystitis may be the underlying cause.

What Causes Burning Vagina During Menstrual Period

What Causes Burning Vagina During Menstrual Period?

Burning complaints occur due to conditions such as irritation and inflammation in the vagina during the menstrual period.

In addition, burning complaints may occur due to serious infections.

Along with vaginal burning, conditions such as burning in the urine and vaginal discharge are also seen.

Burning in the vagina may be a sign of an underlying problem.

Burning in your vagina is usually caused by:

  • Vagina irritation – Chemicals or different substances in contact with the vagina cause irritation and a burning sensation occurs in this area. Vaginal burning can be seen with skin peeling, stinging in the vagina, pain and tingling with severe itching.
  • Bacterial vaginosis – Dozens of beneficial bacteria live in the vagina area. Some bacteria protect the PH balance of the vaginal area and prevent infection. However, if the balance of the vagina is disturbed, harmful bacteria may also appear. During the menstrual period, there is a burning sensation in the vagina with white and gray discharge, pain, itching and bad smell.
  • Fungal infections – Some types of fungi can cause infection in the vagina area. Fungi called Candida most commonly cause burning in the vagina. In addition, it causes vaginal itching and redness, as well as pain and burning during urination. In addition, complaints of white vaginal discharge are also observed.
  • Urinary tract infection – Burning in the vagina during the menstrual period can also be seen due to urinary tract infection. Infection complaints over the kidney, bladder and ureter can cause burning in the vagina. It also causes symptoms such as frequent urination, pain, foul odor, cloudy urine, lower abdominal pain, weakness.
  • Trichomoniasis – It can be defined as a parasite that is passed from a person who is a carrier during sexual intercourse. This sexually transmitted disease does not always show symptoms. However, it also creates sensitivity and redness along with burning in the vagina. It can also cause clear, white, yellow and green root-smelling discharges.
  • Gonorrhea – It is a disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria Gonrrhoeae. It can be located in the female reproductive system in areas such as fallopian, intrauterine, cervix. It is among the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It causes complaints such as burning in the urine and vagina and vaginal discharge.
  • Chlamydia – It is an infection due to the bacterium Chlamydia Trachomatis and is transmitted by sexual contact with the person carrying the bacterium. It usually does not show any symptoms. However, along with burning in the vagina, it also creates complaints such as vaginal discharge and pain in urination.
  • Genital Herpes – This is a bacterium that is passed on in contact with a person carrying the virus. This bacterium is a common disease and women are at higher risk of infection. This virus remains in the body throughout life and symptoms are seen during its active periods. It causes a difference in vaginal itching and discharge along with burning in the vagina. There is no definite cure.
  • Approaching menopause – During the menopause period, many changes and hormonal balance disorders occur in women. This situation seriously affects the health of the vagina. With the approach of menopause, women experience menstrual bleeding and burning in the vagina during sexual intercourse. With the end of the menstrual period, this problem becomes permanent.

How To Treat Vaginal Burning During Menstruation?

The burning sensation in the vagina during the menstrual period is primarily treated according to the underlying cause.

Once the underlying cause is determined, a treatment process is initiated.

First of all, the main purpose is to alleviate or completely treat the burning sensation.

First, it is recommended to apply cold to the vaginal area.

At the same time, it is recommended that patients wear cotton and not tight underwear.

In addition, the area must be protected from irritation at all times.

It is necessary to stay away from scented toilet paper and soap and any product that will irritate the vagina.

If vaginal burning occurs during the menstrual period due to sexually transmitted diseases and infections, a treatment is applied according to the underlying cause.

When a treatment based on infection and bacteria is applied, the complaints of burning also disappear.

First of all, it is necessary to look at the situation that caused the burning in the vagina and then to apply treatments that will protect reproductive health.

If the complaints of burning in the vagina during the menstrual period have become continuous, it is absolutely necessary to get support from a specialist doctor.


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