Here Are The 10 Most Harmful Foods To Health

Harmful foods are one of the most important health problems today. Many processed foods and foods containing additives, especially fast food foods, are in this group. Recent studies have shown that harmful foods are at least as deadly as cigarettes.

It is necessary to recognize harmful foods that cause the development of many diseases, especially diabetes and obesity, to create a healthy diet.

Since the 1970s, the natural diet has turned to processed artificial food step by step with the intense urbanization and industrial food production. Experts emphasize that industrial foods such as processed Fast Food and Junk Food should be avoided for a healthy life.

Harmful Foods

Harmful Foods To Health

1. Margarine

Trying to be imposed as an alternative to butter, margarine is one of the most serious causes of heart diseases due to the trans fats it contains. Experts argue that the phrase “contains no trans fat” on margarine packages does not reflect the truth.

2. Sugary cereals

Aside from the harm caused by the high sugar they contain, the warnings on the packaging “add this much cereal to this much milk” are never heeded by the consumers. Because the amount written on the packaging does not satisfy an adult.

3. Fast Food Burgers

Despite the fact that the weight of the meat is quite expensive, the fast-food burgers, which are sold very cheaply, have almost no nutritional value, but it is an undoubted fact that they contain high calories. In fact, studies show that the rate of meat in the burgers of fast-food companies varies between 2 and 14 percent. The fried potatoes provided with it and the sugary drinks served in huge glasses are another health disaster.

4. Deep-fried Dumplings

Another type of food to watch out for are dough-based deep-fried desserts like donuts. Experts recommend staying away from them because they contain both high sugar and fat. In recent studies, carcinogenic substances have also been detected in them.

5. Popcorn In The Microwave

Microwave popcorn is also on the list of foods that should be given up by experts, as it contains high levels of fat and salt. A study conducted at Brown University revealed that chemicals detected in such processed corn cause lung diseases such as bronchitis.

6. All Kinds Of Pastries And Roasts

These foods are high in sugar and fat, but poor in vitamins and fiber, and many of these foods are sold processed and have loads of preservatives in the “ingredients” section.

7. Three-in-one Instant Coffees

When coffee is drunk plain, it is not harmful for health, it even has benefits. However, instant coffees that are served with a lot of additives and sugar, such as 3-in-1, are extremely harmful for our health.

8. Donuts And Similar Foods

We need to keep these foods that are harmful to our health away from our table, as they contain both high levels of trans fat, baking powder and carbohydrates.

9. Carbonated Drinks

Although consumption has decreased in recent years, carbonated drinks are among the foods that threaten our health. We need to stay away from carbonated drinks that make you gain weight, cause diabetes, and fuel heart diseases, regardless of deceptions such as “diet, light, zero”. The latest research by the American Journal of Public Health revealed that carbonated drinks are at least as harmful as cigarettes.

10. Processed Meat Products

According to a study conducted in 2013, 26 percent of the causes of death, especially in developed countries, are due to excessive consumption of processed meat products. Preservatives and excessive salt in processed meat products such as salami, sausage and pastrami are among the factors that threaten human health.

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