Jujube Fruit: Benefits, Risks And Side Effects

It is a fact that cannot be taken for granted that we have stepped into an era that seeks the remedy by listening to nature due to the increasing stress and fatigue over the years. This is the time to discover what jujube is, which has recently become a star by being discovered by people.

Jujube is a type of fruit with red color and olive-like seeds. This fruit, which is ripened and offered for sale in the autumn months, has become popular due to its healing effect. For this reason, it seems that this fruit will continue to be a preferred food for a long time.

Jujube Fruit

About the Jujube Fruit

The jujube, which branches and blooms in the spring, in other words, the Chinese Date, is generally likened to the buckthorn with its red and yellow color and two seeds inside.

However, it becomes distinguishable because it is slightly larger than the buckwheat and has hair in the outer layer.

With its hard seed and large structure, jujube is green at first, but when it starts to mature, it turns a color between black and purple.

However, after a few hours, it starts to turn yellow and soften. After a few days, its shell becomes wrinkled and thus it completes its maturation period.

Jujube, which has a spiny body, reaches a height of 5-12 meters. Its leaves, on the other hand, have a bright and vivid color and are 2-7 centimeters long, 1-3 centimeters wide and have a three-veined structure.

The flowers on the jujube have a width of 5 millimeters and have five green petals on it. The fruit of the edible jujube has an oval shape and is 15-3 centimeters wide.

This fruit, which is smooth and green in color when not ripe, has an apple-like taste. When it matures, it becomes smaller compared to its wet state and turns into a date-like state.

In addition, this fruit, which contains many vitamins, also contains minerals such as potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and sodium.

Benefits Of Jujube

Unfortunately, we do not know how much effects dried fruits have on human health:

  • Due to its low-calorie content, this fruit is an alternative food type for those who want to lose weight.
  • The benefits of jujube fruit are that vitamins A and C, which are in it, act as a wall in the protection of the immune system.
  • One of the most important benefits of jujube fruit is that it regulates blood circulation.
  • It contains vitamin B3, which helps our nervous system to progress in a healthy way.
  • This fruit, which has antioxidant properties, causes positive effects in the healing process of cancer and many other diseases.
  • Protects and beautifies ilt health.
  • It is an effective factor in regulating the excretory system by easily getting rid of the constipation problem encountered in at least one of 10 people.
  • Thanks to the calcium and magnesium contained in it, its importance in bone and muscle development is among the benefits of jujube fruit.
  • It is used for the treatment of heart and vascular diseases because it contains plenty of potassium.
  • It provides many benefits when consumed in bronchitis, asthma, urinary tract and various vascular diseases.
  • Along with Gan Cao, it is used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of many diseases by harmonizing it with other herbs.
  • Ziziphin, which is found in the leaves around the plant, helps suppress the sweet taste perception ability.
  • It is a preferred food in some regions to treat colds and flu.
  • It is an alternative source that helps to treat spleen diseases by using in Chinese medicine.
  • It is a nutrient that helps dissolve cholesterol and blood fats.
  • Jujube, which is a source of healing, is an effective food source in accelerating metabolism because it is rich in fiber and carbohydrates.

Is Jujube Good for Cancer?

Yes. One of the benefits of jujube fruit is to beat cancer. Experts, who state that it prevents the proliferation of bad cells in the human body, state that it is a helpful factor in beating cancer. But let’s not forget that some foods are only helpful factors in beating diseases. The important thing is to eat healthy and take good care of oneself.

Nutritional Value of Jujube Fruit

There are nutritional values listed below in 100 grams of Raw Jujube:

  • Calories = 79
  • Protein = 1 gram
  • Fat = 0 grams
  • Carbs = 20 grams
  • Fiber = 10 grams
  • Vitamin C = 77% of the daily value
  • Potassium = 5% of daily value

Side Effects Of Jujube Fruit

  • Thanks to the level of carbohydrates in it, it can cause changes in the blood sugar level in the human body.
  • In cases where jujube is eaten more than necessary, it causes gas and bloating.
  • It is recommended to consult an obstetrician before consuming jujube during pregnancy.
  • Experts say that people who are weak in nature can cause allergic reactions if they consume jujube.
  • When patients taking antidepressants consume jujube, it is not considered a recommended fruit because it will react with the drug.
  • People who are on a diet should consult their advisors before adding jujube to their diet list, so that they do not lose their health while trying to lose weight.
  • Accelerating blood flow is among the side effects of jujube, which is also seen to cause diarrhea in the body when consumed excessively. Therefore, due to the acceleration of blood in the body, it causes dryness in the skin, brittleness in the fingernails and toenails and similar diseases.

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