How To Get Sperm Out Of Your Body Fast?

In addition to focusing on pleasure, living passion or following fantasies about sexuality, there is another factor that affects health: Hygiene.

In order to protect your sexual health and to minimize the risks of disease, it is necessary to follow some cleaning rules.

The sexual organ that can perform its natural functions without any problems and does not experience pain or bleeding while doing this can be defined as healthy.

All women should have some amount of vaginal discharge.

It’s one of the mechanisms that keep the vagina functioning properly.

Healthy and normal discharge is expected to be odorless and transparent, slightly opaque in color.

A healthy vaginal discharge does not have a foul odor or abnormal itching.

In addition, there is no pain or bleeding during sexual intercourse in a healthy vagina.

If you experience some of these complaints during sexual intercourse, you should definitely have a gynecological examination as soon as possible.

How To Get Sperm Out Of Your Body Fast

Why Should Hygiene Be In The Foreground?

First of all, in order for sexual intercourse to be enjoyable for both parties, it is necessary for the partners to pay attention to their personal hygiene.

In addition, undesirable symptoms such as pain or burning may occur when having sex with a sexual organ that has lost its health due to insufficient hygiene.

These can be effective complaints that cause the person to move away from sexuality.

Of course, personal hygiene is indispensable for protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

In order to be protected from sexually transmitted diseases, it is very, very important not to share personal care products such as bath washcloths, razors, soaps, and towels with others, regardless of who they are.

There are many patients who apply to doctors because of common use. Such a simple measure should not be overlooked.

How To Get Sperm Out Of Your Body Fast?

There is no scientifically approved method by which you can quickly remove sperm from your body.

If you did not use any barrier method (condom, birth control pill, etc.) during sexual intercourse and your partner left sperm inside you, you should see a doctor without waiting.

Your doctor may prescribe Levonorgestrel (also known as the “emergency birth control pill”).

It should be noted that such drugs should not be used only without doctors’ advice. In such cases, talking to the pharmacist lady may also be beneficial for you.

The use of such drugs provides 90% success in the first 24 hours.

If you are using birth control pills, there is no need to worry.

It has a structure that will clean the sperm inside the vagina by itself.

Avoid inserting any foreign object inside to clean your vagina.

Genital Area Cleaning Before and After Sexual Intercourse

Soap and water are sufficient for cleaning the vulva (female external genitalia covering the inner and outer lips) before sexual intercourse.

During this cleaning, a mirror can be used to ensure that the vulva is completely cleaned. Solutions or gels that may cause pH changes should not be used for cleaning.

The inside of the vagina should not be washed in any way, even with water.

The vagina is an organ that can clean itself. Although the hair in the genital area is considered unacceptable in our society, these hairs are actually responsible for ensuring the hygiene of the genital organs. In other words, in terms of health, the genital area should not be cleaned of hair.

Even if epilation is to be performed, the procedure should be performed a few days before sexual intercourse, as sensitivity may develop in the area after the procedure.

Washing the vulva with soap and water after sexual intercourse will ensure adequate hygiene.

Stay Away From Chemical Cosmetic Products

In particular, the vagina is an organ that has a special bio microenvironment of its own and can clean itself with its own secretions.

The vulva also uses vaginal secretions for its cleaning.

In addition, special sebaceous glands in the genital area prevent unwanted bacteria from settling in these areas with their secretions.

Cleaning the vulva and vagina with cosmetic products actually creates the opposite effect of what is desired, by changing the pH in these areas or directly killing the benign bacteria.

While trying to ensure cleanliness, it causes the proliferation of malignant bacteria and causes vaginitis and infections.

Allergies and dermatitis that may develop against perfumes, essences or chemicals in the content of the products used can cause serious vaginal problems.

Natural products such as vinegar and yoghurt used for genital cleaning, which are thought to be harmless, also cause harm, not benefit.

Absolutely should not be used.

Things to Do After Sex in Terms of Hygiene

  • Cleaning the vulva with water after sex is one of the first things to do.
  • If foreign substances such as lubricating gel, condom, etc. have been used during intercourse, washing with soap and water should be applied as soon as possible, not waiting too long.
  • For the purpose of cleaning after sexual intercourse, the inside of the vagina should not be washed or cleaned with any substance.
  • Contact with the partner’s body secretions should be avoided, as there is a possibility of transmission of some diseases by contact with body fluids after intercourse.
  • If a condom is used, it should be checked whether there is any tearing during use, and the condom should not be destroyed before checking.
  • It should not be forgotten that any new lesion that occurs in the mouth, hands or genital area after sexual intercourse may be a sign of sexually transmitted disease, and in case of such a lesion, a gynecological examination should be performed as soon as possible.

How Should The Condom Be Used Correctly?

The use of condoms is very important in order to have a healthy sexual relationship and maintain sexual health.

A condom provides protection from unwanted pregnancies as well as many sexually transmitted diseases. However, couples may not know the rules to follow in condom use.

First of all, the condom should be chosen in a suitable size for the user. Make sure that the expiration date of the condom has not passed.

When opening the condom package, no piercing-cutting tools should be used or torn, which may damage its contents.

Most importantly, the condom should be used at the very beginning of sexual intercourse and should not be removed during intercourse.

The only way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases is to start using it without intercourse and continue using condoms throughout the intercourse process.

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