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Side Effects Of Masturbation In Male Daily

Masturbation is the individual’s self-stimulation of his/her genitals in order to reach orgasm (sexual satisfaction).

It is generally done by touching or caressing the sexual organ until orgasm is achieved.

The issue of whether masturbation is harmful for men is on the minds of many men.

Even though masturbation is only understood by men, both men and women can achieve sexual pleasure through masturbation.

While men can reach orgasm by stimulating the penis during masturbation, women can usually reach orgasm by stimulating the clitoris with a hand or by rubbing it.

Masturbation is a behavior done even by people with partners.

It is generally very common.

Masturbation is the first sexual experience most men and women have. It is known that masturbation can also be done during adolescence.

This means they are discovering themselves and their bodies.

Masturbation in children is not a surprise in terms of their sexual development.

But it could also mean they need more attention.

Urinary tract infection in girls may also cause the child to discover and want to continue sexual pleasure.

Side Effects Of Masturbation In Male Daily

Side Effects Of Masturbation In Male Daily

If you masturbate, your prolactin levels rise and your dopamine levels drop.

This may cause you to feel tired.

Masturbation for men is safe as long as it does not affect your overall energy level and does not interfere with your daily life and activities.

There is no harm in terms of health for men to masturbate every day, but over-massaging the penis can cause irritation in the penis.

Therefore, avoid irritating your penis as much as possible while masturbating.

There are very few sex experts who think that excessive masturbation has negative health effects.

The harms of ejaculation through masturbation have not been shown. In other words, masturbation does not have any negative effect on sperm.

It has absolutely no effect such as causing infertility.

For men, daily ejaculation may be more beneficial if it is based on mutual satisfaction and satisfaction through normal sexual intercourse.

However, there is a widespread belief that ejaculating through masturbation every day may reduce the feeling of satisfaction.

Is It Normal To Masturbate?

Masturbation cannot be considered normal as long as it is done in public and interferes with intercourse with a sexual partner.

It can even be recommended by a doctor to men or women with sexual dysfunction.

However, the perception of masturbation may vary depending on religious, moral and cultural differences between societies.

In societies based on stricter rules, concern about shame and sin may put individuals who masturbate into a state of guilt.

Is Masturbating Harmful?

Some cultures and religions consider masturbation as shameful and sinful.

According to some experts, on the contrary to the above situation, masturbation is beneficial for sexual health.

It enables the person to discover himself and understand his sexual pleasures.

Masturbation has no known harmful side effects on physical health that could significantly disrupt human physiology.

However, sometimes parents may worry about this or the person may feel guilty.

However, errors in masturbation techniques or when this action becomes a habit can lead to serious pathological and psychological negativities.

What Is Masturbation Addiction?

Some people masturbate excessively, this is called masturbation addiction.

You may have a masturbation addiction if you have any of the problems listed below:

  • If it prevents you from fulfilling daily tasks and responsibilities
  • If it causes disruptions in work and school life
  • If It prevents you from making plans with friends or family
  • If it causes you to miss important social events
  • If a person has an intense desire to masturbate even in inappropriate environments, addiction can be mentioned.

Masturbation addiction in individuals with sexual partners can harm the relationship between couples.

If you think you have a masturbation addiction, you should see your doctor.

Is Masturbation Beneficial?

The feeling of orgasm is a feeling compatible with human physiology for healthy sexual satisfaction.

Being sexually satisfied has benefits on physical and sexual health.

What should not be forgotten is normal sexual intercourse between couples for a healthy sexual life.

As long as it does not lead to addiction by causing the problems mentioned above, intermittent application between couples can add color to sexual life.

The physical benefits of masturbation are listed below:

  • Reduces accumulated stress
  • Provides better sleep
  • Soothes the mood
  • relaxes
  • Provides pleasure
  • Reduces sexual tension
  • Provides a better understanding of wants and needs

Masturbation increases the sensitivity of the sexual organs in men and women with sexual dysfunction.

Does Excessive Masturbation Cause Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation means that the man reaches orgasm and ejaculates within the first 60-120 seconds of sexual intercourse.

Many people who masturbate are afraid that masturbation is harmful to ejaculation.

According to experts, there is no definitive scientific data on this subject.

Although some experts think that masturbation may trigger premature ejaculation by causing overstimulation and excitement, there is no significant level of scientific evidence to support this.

Today, genetic factors and changes in serotonin release in the brain are thought to be at the forefront among the causes of premature ejaculation.

Most of the research on premature ejaculation is conducted on physiology-based brain and serotonin metabolism.

What happens if men don’t masturbate?

Physiologically, there is no negative effect.

This situation is closely related to whether the person is psychologically satisfied or not.

It is most appropriate to evaluate from individual to individual.

While some people can do it, this may be considered normal for them, while for people who cannot, this may be considered normal.

There are no physiological problems in men.

How Often Should Teenagers Masturbate?

This is one of the questions frequently asked by men who masturbate during adolescence.

Because masturbation attempts to meet a physiological need felt with clarification of sexual identity, physiological changes and the emergence of gender.

No specific frequency range has been defined for adolescents.

On the contrary, starting at an early age may mediate negative experiences in the adolescent’s mind and may become a habit in the child.

In case of excessive need and habitual anxiety, it may be necessary to first be examined by a urologist and then, when necessary, receive psychological support.

Does Excessive Masturbation Cause Erection Problems?

Erectile dysfunction may be seen in men who engage in intense masturbation, which becomes a habit, restricts the person’s social life, and reduces pleasure from their spouse or partner.

Visual materials, pornographic pictures and videos watched during masturbation may reduce the pleasure of sexuality over time and may also cause erectile dysfunction.

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