Snake Eyes Piercing: Why is it so Dangerous?

People can use different accessories to look different and beautiful.

Piercings are among the accessories people use.

There is a lot of research done on what exactly piercings are.

Those who want to have a piercing can do some research on where it is done.

Piercings should be done by professionals.

Snake Eyes Piercing

What is Snake Eyes Piercing?

It is also called Snake eyes piercing (Horizontal Tongue Piercing).

Snake eye piercing is done by making a hole from the side of the tongue.

Such piercings may look cute in some situations, but they are quite harmful.

Many piercing specialists do not perform such procedures.

The biggest reason for this is that the piercing can cause problems such as gum erosion, cracks and lisp in the teeth while speaking.

With your mouth closed and your tongue resting, the tip of the piercing sits directly behind your twelve teeth, causing pressure on your gums.

Over time, sensitivity begins to occur in the gums.

Gaps in your gums can result in losing your teeth over time.

We also need to bring our tongue over our teeth when saying certain letters and sounds (eg TH-, S-, L-).

Frequent use of these sounds, while this piercing is in our mouth, will cause our teeth to rub against this metal.

This situation will result in damage to our teeth and gums.

In addition, the tongue is actually two separate muscles connected to each other by tissues.

A piercing applied to the tongue can connect two muscles together.

This negatively affects the way the language works.

In such cases, the person may face limpness during speech and problems chewing and swallowing food.

You can choose safer and easier types of piercings instead of snake eye piercings.

For example, both sides of the tongue can be pierced vertically.

These types of piercings are generally safe when done by the right people and are not as risky as a Snake eye piercing.

This piercing passes through the tongue vertically, not horizontally.

This allows the tongue muscles to give the same appearance without being connected to each other.

In this way, the possibility of damage to your gums and teeth is minimized.

There are also many other types you can use for vertical lip piercings.

There are also many more jewelry options you can use for vertical lip piercings.

Are Other Oral Piercings Also Risky?

Generally, other oral piercings are safe as they are pierced without damaging the gums and teeth.

Piercings (lip piercings) such as Labret, Monroe and Philtrum are made by considering the person’s tooth anatomy and gums.

After the drilling is done correctly, a disc that does not rub off is attached to your teeth and gums.

If cheek piercings damage the teeth, smaller piercings can be chosen to reduce friction.

As a result, no piercing carries a risk like a snake eye piercing, but it should be noted that there are still harmful types of piercings.

Can I Remove Snake Eyes Piercing If It Starts To Be Problematic?

Yes. But it’s always best to seek professional help instead of trying to figure it out yourself.

Long-term use of such piercings can cause problems with the gums.

Then you can spend excessive amounts of money on dentists and medicines.

In some cases, these drugs also do not benefit and you will lose your teeth.

If you are still using this type of piercing, it is a good idea to see a dentist without waiting.

You can’t predict whether you have a problem with your gums by looking in the mirror.

If the gum problems are too advanced, you may feel the symptoms, but it may be too late for your tooth now.

Why Is Such A Dangerous Operation Still Being Done?

Hard rules are generally not applied to people who do piercings.

This means that there are no rules against some unsafe and risky transactions.

There is neither a university nor a school where we can learn piercing.

Therefore, very little information is available on this process.

Some of the people who have this procedure do not understand and do not care about the risks.

Unfortunately for some people who do this job, your health is not important.

What they need is to get their money by doing this malicious operation.

However, some piercing experts clearly and clearly tell you that they cannot do this procedure.

Because they know that this process will harm your health.

Snake Eyes Piercing

If you look at the picture above you will see that the snake eye piercing causes gum erosion.

This picture may be a key that will turn you back from a risky transaction.

In an article published on the official website of the Australian Medical Association, it is said that when you are going to have this type of piercing, you should consult the people who do this procedure or your doctor about the negative effects.

Experts say, “Our tongue has a verExperts said, “Our language has a very complex structure. In addition, it is not known exactly how piercings affect our tongue. However, it should not be forgotten that such foreign bodies can cause diseases in your gums, teeth and tongue.“

Dr Bartone, who has worked in medicine for over 25 years, says such procedures can cause problems such as infections, speech problems, excess drooling and broken teeth.

The state of Oregon in the United States has updated some body piercing and body art legislation.

This state is known for its wonderful laws to protect both artists and customers.

With this law, horizontal tongue piercings are banned in the state of Oregon.


Piercing is generally safe when done in the right environment and with clean instruments.

However, this does not apply to some types of piercings.

Piercing all over the body is not possible and can sometimes cause health problems.

Snake eyes are a type of piercing that is harmful to oral health and should not be applied to the tongue.

No type of piercing is more important than your health.

If you are going to have this procedure, first talk to the person doing this work and then to a doctor.

If you want to know the relationship between sty and headache, you can read this article.

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