What Causes Cavity Between Teeth?

Your doctor will tell you the reason for the spaces between your teeth after reaching the second layer of tissue behind the tooth enamel.

If gaps occur between your teeth, foods and beverages may cause your teeth to ache.

Oral health is too serious an issue to ignore.

As the years progress, dental fillings weaken, begin to deteriorate, or may form jagged edges.

Cavity Between Teeth, cracks, and crevices can easily accumulate plaque and bacteria that cause cavities over time.

Teeth, in general, are among the structures that first stand out during conversation.

If CaIf Cavity Between Teeth is diagnosed early and has not progressed, it is recalcified with fluoride gel.

Having beautiful and aesthetic teeth not only increases one’s self-confidence but also increases his success in social life.

Most people with split teeth cover their mouths with their hands when they laugh.

This causes even the most beautiful moments to be overshadowed.

However, with the Bonding Method applied today, it is possible to close these gaps in the anterior teeth in a single session.

The condition of having a cavity between teeth, called diastema, is a problem that negatively affects the social life of many people, as well as social media life, which is very popular today.

With the development of the materials used today, it is possible to have an aesthetic appearance by closing the spaces between the teeth in the anterior region, which we call “anterior”, even in a single session.

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Cavity Between Teeth

Causes Of Cavity Between Teeth

Even if the teeth of the person are of normal size, the jaw structure is wide or vice versa, if the teeth are small, although the jaw structure is normal, gaps called diestema may occur between the teeth.

In addition, gaps may occur between the teeth due to gum diseases.

So What Are The Methods To Close These Gaps?

It is possible to close the gaps between the teeth with various treatment options.

Orthodontic treatment, that is, braces, porcelain laminate application or the bonding system, which is very popular recently and the treatment is completed in a single session, can be treated.

Orthodontic Treatment

If there is a large-area tooth separation in the mouth, which also affects the patient’s closure, the patient may need orthodontic treatment.

Nowadays, treatment can be done with almost invisible transparent plaques or braces.

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Porcelain Laminates

Orthodontic Treatment

Porcelain laminates, known as thin-leaf porcelain, are adhered to the teeth with little or no abrasion, especially over the teeth in the anterior region.

In addition, it is possible to remove the discoloration and deformities on your teeth with laminates, and you can get very aesthetic and natural-looking teeth.

The production of porcelain laminates is extremely delicate.

Laminas, which are produced very thinly with sensitive techniques, successfully blend with the teeth and surrounding tissues and help correct the split appearance of the teeth.

Aesthetic Smiles In One Session With Bonding Application

Bonding is an ideal method especially for people who do not want to use braces and who are looking for a faster solution.

In the application called the bonding application, the gaps between the teeth are removed in a single session.

It can be done with a white composite filling material in accordance with the color of the tooth, without removing any substance from the tooth.

As the gaps between the teeth can be closed, discolorations and deformities on the teeth can also be eliminated in the same session.

In the same session, existing caries on the tooth can be cleaned and treated by restoring it with composite filling material.

The bonding system is a practical method that does not take much time and helps you to add your smile to your beauty, especially before weddings, galas or invitations where you do not want to hide your smile in your social life.

The application time of this method is generally between 30-60 minutes.

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Brief Summary

Brief Summary

Your doctor may recommend fluoride treatments for you.

Fluoride treatments contain more fluoride than toothpaste and mouth rinses.

If you have ever had a cavity, the chances are you have had an interproximal cavity.

Usually molars mean interproximal cavity.

The cavity between teeth is not related to how often you wash your brush your teeth per day but good oral hygiene is important.

Spaces between teeth can affect tooth sensitivity. Something cold may bother you.

If your tooth decay is severe, your dentist may use a root canal to repair the tooth.

Signs of space between teeth can only occur if the space reaches the dentin or the second layer of tissue behind the enamel of the tooth.

Cavity penetrates tooth enamel and in some cases this can be annoying.

The most effective for preventing cavities is brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride-containing toothpaste, using dental hygiene, flossing or using another type of interdental cleaner, and having regular checkups by your dentist.

Your doctor may use a dental crown to prevent spaces between teeth.

Pay attention to tooth cavities because bacteria stick on teeth and cause decay.

Sealant is a protective plastic layer applied to the chewing surface of the posterior teeth.

If the tooth cavity is too advanced, the tooth can be removed.

A dental implant can be placed in place of the empty tooth.

The erosion of tooth enamel may result in one or more cavities form.

If properly treated teeth cavities including problems can be solved.

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