What Is A Sinus Lift?

What Is A Sinus Lift Operation?

The maxillary, located just above the upper jaw in the sinus region, is called the anatomical cavities located near our molars.

These cavities near our molars are important because they are responsible for the formation of sound and the reduction of head weight.

As a result of the downward sagging of the sinus cavities, some losses in bone volume occur.

Although these losses are seen as a natural process, they pose a problem when it comes to implant treatment.

Sinus grafting is used to apply implant treatment to edentulous areas as a result of filling the sagging sinus cavities.

Thanks to this process, sufficient volume is created for the length and width of the implant, which must be fully inserted into the bone.

During the sinus lift, local anesthesia and general anesthesia are applied.

The air spaces in the skull, which have the task of reducing the weight of the head and ensuring that the sounds come out properly, are called sinuses.

Since some of the sinuses are located in the areas near our teeth, it is also important in this respect.

When teeth are lost in the upper jaw (maxilla) posterior jaw region and prostheses are not replaced on time, the distance between the sinus wall and the highest point of the jawbone becomes shortened.

Since there is not enough bone to be implanted in this area, sinus lifting is applied to increase the decreased bone rate.

What Is A Sinus Lift

How Is Sinus Lift Surgery Performed?

Sinus lifting (sinus elevation, lifting) operation is a surgical intervention that is usually performed under local anesthesia, in the standard dentist’s chair.

The sinus area is lifted at the desired level and made accessible through a small window opened through the mouth in that area.

After the desired rise is achieved in the sinus membrane covering the inside of the sinus, bone powder and grafting are applied to the created space, and the region is closed by suturing.

What Should Be Considered After The Sinus Lifting Operation?

After the sinus lifting operation, it is said to be careful while eating with the other side for 24 hours in order to protect the wound area.

Nothing should be eaten or drunk for two hours after the procedure.

After the sinus lift procedure, pressure should not be applied while cleaning the nose and the mouth should be kept open while sneezing.

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