How Should Genital Area Cleaning Be Done?

The genital area is among the most sensitive parts of the body in both men and women. For this reason, the hygiene of the genital area should always be ensured. Especially during genital area cleaning, it is necessary to follow the right steps and be meticulous.

If the genital area is not cleaned properly and hygiene is not provided, many problems will arise. Especially burning, stinging, itching, many problems such as odor come with it. For this reason, even for cosmetic reasons, the genital area should always remain hygienic and should be cleaned properly on a regular basis.

How Should Genital Area Cleaning Be Done

1. Must be kept dry at all times

One of the most important problems for the genital area is that the area remains moist. Many problems can arise, especially if the area remains wet and damp after a shower. It is necessary to dry the area very well, especially after getting out of the shower.

In this way, fungal infections and bacterial infections that may occur in the area can be eliminated. Underwear should not be worn wet and the genital area should be dried with a blow dryer if necessary.

2. Cotton Underwear Should Be Preferred

One of the biggest dangers for the genital area is the sweating of the area, especially in summer. If synthetic underwear is used, sweating complaints will increase. For this reason, the underwear used must be cotton products. In this way, the genital area can breathe and stay dry all day. At the same time, it would be better to pay attention to the wide and comfortable trousers.

3. Vaginal Douching Is Dangerous. Genital Gels Can Be Used Instead

When soap and water are used inside, the PH level of 4.5, which is the natural value of the vagina, rises and infection complaints occur. An important part of genital hygiene is keeping the PH level in balance in the area.

For this reason, the use of pressurized water and washing with soap and detergent by inserting your fingers cause great dangers. As the pH value will decrease, infections may develop in the region that will disrupt hygiene.

Instead, genital area gels containing components for cleaning can be preferred. Especially after sexual intercourse and after the menstrual period, these gels prevent the accumulation of bacteria. In addition, these gels that provide PH balance are nutritious in terms of vitamins and minerals.

The point to be noted here is that the gels are only used to clean the outside of the genital area. The use of gels inside the vagina would be inconvenient.

4. The Inside Of The Vagina Should Not Be Washed With Soap Or Soapy Water

The inside of the vagina should not be washed with soap or soapy water.
Soaps used in the shower are generally products that are produced and recommended for skin cleaning.

Soaps with alkaline PH damage the flora of the genital area. This causes many problems such as fungal infections in the region. Therefore, only the external genital area can be washed with water during the shower.

5. Buffers Should Be Changed Frequently

Buffer changes should be made very frequently during the menstrual period and during the summer months.

Changes should be made every few hours, especially during menstrual periods. If the pad or tampon stays in the area for a long time, it can lead to bacterial growth and infection. At the same time, complaints of odor may occur.

In addition to all these, the tampons used should not contain irritant substances and should be odorless. Personal care products such as powder, spray and deodorant should not be used on the genital area as they will damage the PH balance.

6. The Area Should Be Well Dried After Using The Toilet

Even if the person has urinated or defecated after the toilet, the area needs to be cleaned very well. For this, cleaning with plenty of water is required. At the same time, the cleaning work must be carried out from front to back. The area should not remain damp after cleaning.

A detailed drying should be done with soft, odorless and white-colored toilet papers. Otherwise, infection and odor complaints may occur.

7. The Hair In The Genital Area Should Be Removed Regularly

Regular removal of hair in the genital area is very important in terms of cleanliness. If the hairs in the area are too long, bacteria may accumulate in the area.

At the same time, it can lead to infection by creating complaints of excessive sweating. For this reason, the hair in the genital area should be regularly removed by methods such as razor, laser epilation, hair removal products and waxing.

8. The Genital Area Should Be Cleaned Well After Sexual Intercourse

During sexual intercourse, there may be sweating in the genital area or semen may remain. This leads to the formation of bacteria in the area. For this reason, semen, sweat and body secretions should be cleaned after sexual intercourse.

After each sexual intercourse or masturbation, the external genital area should be cleaned with plenty of water and washed with special genital area cleaner products.

Genital Aesthetics Can Be Done For Situations That Negatively Affect Hygiene

Inner lip length, sagging and wrinkles in the genital area cause problems in terms of hygiene as well as aesthetics. Therefore, these problems can be eliminated with genital aesthetic operations. In this way, the area becomes more protected against infections. Many cosmetic operations are becoming widespread in the name of genital area cleaning.

The most important criterion in the question of how to clean the genital area is to keep the area dry and clean on a regular basis. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid any action that will moisten, sweat and irritate the area. If all these are followed, the genital area will always remain hygienic.


You do not need to clean the inside of your vagina after sexual intercourse. Vagina will do its own cleaning.

You can wash your outer vagina gently with lukewarm water and then dry it in a way that does not irritate your vagina. You should not use any medication or product in your vagina unless told by the doctor.

If you are uncomfortable with sperm being inside you, you can ask your partner to use a condom and try different methods of protection.

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