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Why Do Cats Like Catnip?

Cats and their antics have always managed to captivate our hearts and tickle our fancies. But there’s something about catnip that seems to elevate their quirks to a whole new level of adorable silliness.

Have you ever sprinkled a pinch of this mysterious herb and watched your feline friend twist, turn, meow, and purr in sheer delight? It’s like a switch is flipped! But what is it about catnip that drives our domesticated predators wild? Let’s nip into the essence behind this fascinating feline phenomenon.

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Understanding Catnip

What exactly is catnip? Known scientifically as Nepeta cataria, it’s a perennial herb from the mint family and not only a favorite amongst cats but also a pleasant, easy-to-grow plant for your garden. To the despair of many cat owners, this unassuming leafy plant can cause quite the uproarious response in domestic cats.

The Science Behind Catnip’s Appeal

The secret ingredient in catnip is an essential oil known as nepetalactone. This organic compound closely mimics certain feline pheromones, which affect the hormones responsible for causing feelings of happiness and euphoria. It’s fascinating that a single compound could have such an intoxicating effect on cats, yet be completely harmless and non-addictive.

When inhaled by a cat, nepetalactone enters the nasal tissue and binds to protein receptors that stimulate sensory neurons. These neurons then provoke a response in neurons in the olfactory bulb, ultimately affecting several regions of the brain, including areas responsible for emotional responses and behavioral reactions.

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The Effects of Catnip on Cats

The question you’re probably asking now is, what happens once a cat gets a whiff of catnip? Typically, cats under the influence of catnip will display behaviors that might include rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, meowing, purring, and hyperactivity.

However, not all cats are affected by catnip. Sensitivity is hereditary, and it’s estimated that approximately 50 to 70 percent of cats feel the effects of this herb. Kittens younger than six months old and older cats may not show much interest.

Catnip and Behavior

Aside from the pure entertainment value, catnip can serve more practical purposes. It can be used in toys, scratchers, and bedding to encourage exercise and play, especially in indoor cats. Financially a good deal, this humble herb can help ward off boredom and potentially stress-related behavioral issues by offering a harmless outlet for natural hunting and playing instinct.

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Catnip Alternatives

If your cat belongs to the minority unfazed by catnip, fret not! Other plants can elicit similar joy. Common alternatives include silver vine (which contains actinidine, another cat attractant), Tatarian honeysuckle wood, and valerian root, all of which can cater to catnip-indifferent felines.

Catnip Safety and Precautions

It’s critical to note that while catnip is safe and not addictive for cats, moderation is key. Overindulgence can lead to a mild upset stomach or lethargy in some cats. Always supervise your pet during catnip playtime and start with small amounts to see how they react before leaving them alone with the herb.


Far more than a cat’s mere pleasure, catnip and its effects on our furry friends are a reminder of the intricate interplay between nature and animal behavior. While we might be inclined to laugh at our cats’ playful reactions, appreciating the science behind it can yield new insights into our pets and deepen the bonds we share with them.

If you’re a cat owner eager to enrich your pet’s life or simply hoping to decode the mystery of your cat’s fascination with this herb, remember that exploring the world of catnip can be as entertaining for you as it is for your feline friend.

Whether through providing fun and exercise or just a few moments of ecstatic rolling, catnip continues to solidify its place in the pantheon of cat delights. So go ahead, give a little nip—and watch the magic happen.

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