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What Is Erectile Dysfunction? Causes And Treatment

Under normal conditions, men become ready for intercourse in a short time with any sexual arousal.

Because with the sexual arousal in question, the blood coming from the arteries is collected in the veins on the inside of the penis. This provides hardening.

The discomfort called erectile dysfunction is defined as the absence of this erection.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction and not achieving the necessary erection for sexual intercourse may experience psychological problems over time.

Erectile Dysfunction

What Are The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can sometimes be caused by temporary conditions, and sometimes it can be caused by genetic reasons.

Therefore, the cause of the disease and the diagnosis to be made in this direction are extremely important in determining the method to be used in the treatment.

One of the conditions for evaluating erectile dysfunction as a medical problem is that the disease has been present for 6 months or more. In some people, even watching excessive porn can cause this ailment.

We can list the factors that can cause erectile dysfunction due to various factors as follows:

  • Circulatory problems due to smoking, drug and alcohol use,
  • Disruption in the functions of the veins and therefore insufficient blood collection in the penis,
  • Less blood flow to the penis due to narrowing of the arteries,
  • The inefficiency of testosterone hormone,
  • Unstable conditions that can be seen in the person due to cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure (hypertension),
  • Side effects arising from some drugs used,
  • Advancing age,
  • Psychological problems such as anxiety, stress and depression.

Each of these causes can lead to erectile dysfunction in men.

Who Gets Erectile Dysfunction?

The problem of erectile dysfunction, which usually manifests itself with advancing age, is a common ailment especially for individuals aged 40 and over.

In addition, some reasons arising from chronic diseases can also cause this problem.

Finally, it is possible to encounter erectile dysfunction in individuals who continue to work under stress and great pressure in their professional and private life.

What Are The Erectile Dysfunction Diagnostic Methods?

For a good sexual intercourse, the penis must be sufficiently rigid.

In erectile dysfunction called erectile dysfunction, the penis cannot provide the required rigidity.

Some methods are applied to diagnose the diseases of individuals who apply to a health institution with the complaint of inability to get an erection.

We can list these diagnostic methods as follows:

1. Medical History

First of all, the medical history of the patient who comes with the complaint of erectile dysfunction is evaluated.

At this stage, all problems such as nervous problems, chronic diseases, psychological factors, etc. can be detected.

2. Sexual Life

The sexual life of the patient is also important in the process that includes the diagnosis of the disease.

Most details about the sexual history of the patient and his partner need to be learned at this stage.

3. Physical Examination

Physical examination is another prominent method in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.

During the physical examination, the genital area is examined so that a detailed neurological examination is possible.

Physical examination is one of the important steps in the diagnosis of the disease.

4. Tests And Surveys

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, one of the diagnostic methods used is some tests and questionnaires.

Results can be obtained through these questionnaires, which contain various questions for both the patient and her partner.

In addition to these, laboratory tests are applied and blood and urine analyzes are performed on the patient with these tests.

At this stage, necessary information such as liver function, complete blood count and testosterone level are also taken into consideration.

Psychological Evaluation

With the psychological evaluation process, the patient is examined psychologically and the factors that may lead to erectile dysfunction are determined.

All psychological factors are taken into consideration while making this diagnosis method.

What Are Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Methods?

Erectile dysfunction, which is becoming more common day by day and negatively affecting more and more men, is a disorder that you can overcome with various treatment methods.

However, the effort of the patient is also very important for the treatment to give a positive response.

First of all, individuals suffering from this disorder need to be aware that they are sick.

Unfortunately, due to the upbringing, it can be difficult to apply to a health institution for such issues.

However, it is necessary to be aware that the problem will not be solved as long as the problem is not recognized.

Although erectile dysfunction is a problem that can be seen in every man, the treatment methods that can be applied when it comes to this condition are:

Lifestyle Changes

An irregular life is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction.

Doctors generally recommend that patients quit smoking and alcohol use.

At the same time, it is very important to eat a balanced diet, so these recommendations include a balanced diet recommendation.

It is possible to get effective results with lifestyle changes such as getting enough sleep, staying away from stress, paying attention to nutrition, quitting smoking and alcohol.

Oral Treatment Method

In this treatment method, the drug taken orally causes enlargement of the penile vessels.

Thus, blood flow in the penis is accelerated.

The drugs to be used in this treatment method should be under the doctor’s knowledge and supervision.

Vacuum Devices
Vacuum devices with a cylindrical structure are designed to fully grasp the penis. The vacuum feature in these devices causes sufficient hardening of the penis.

Topical Treatment Method

In the topical treatment method, the drug is delivered to the penis through the external urinary tract.

While the drug advancing to the interior dissolves in this region, the urinary tract wall completely absorbs the dissolved drug.

In this way, while there is relaxation in the penile vessels, blood flow also takes place in a much more comfortable way.

Shock Wave Therapy

With shock wave therapy, low-intensity shock waves are transmitted to the penis.

These shock waves transmitted at short intervals cause minor damage to the penile tissue.

The main purpose of shock wave therapy is to activate the formation of new vessels in order to repair the damages in the penile tissue.

The new blood vessels formed provide the required level of blood flow to the penis.

Intracavernous Injections

With this treatment method, which we can define as the penile injection process, drugs are injected into the spongy tissues located on the inside of the penis.

Penile Prosthesis Implantation

If all treatment methods fail to produce results, penile prosthesis implantation is in question.

In this operation, one of the two prostheses is placed inside the penis.

One of these prostheses is a semi-rigid prosthesis, while the other is an inflatable prosthesis.

Semi-rigid prostheses in the form of two bendable rods are placed in the chambers of the penis that enable erection.

The inflatable prosthesis, which stands out as another type of prosthesis, is a device that contains liquid and is placed inside the penis.

This device for drawing fluid is also placed in the scrotum in some cases.

Inflatable prosthesis stands out as the most preferred type of prosthesis.

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