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Why Do Men Lie? 6 Reasons

I’m a Cancer and I can analyze people psychologically very well. Have you ever heard that some psychologists dislike Cancer men?

The reason for this is that even psychologists can’t get into the mind of the Cancer man.

They say he’s always past-dependent and cheats too much.

It’s true based on the past but I disagree with the others being true. Anyway, let’s get to the real issue.

I will try to explain to you why men who are married or have a girlfriend lie to their wives by analyzing the people around me.

Why Do Men Lie

Why Do Men Lie?

1. He May Want To Have Sex With You

You may not believe it, but men lie to have sex with their partners.

When I sit with my friends, girl chats are opened.

Some of my friends tell me, “I told the girl * I love you and I cheated. Then I had sex.”

I can hear you swearing inside, but this is the biggest lie of men.

They set their sights on a girl and start making plans.

Some men have very good plans and will sacrifice everything to get that girl.

2. Men Lie Out Of Fear

In some cases, men who are married or in a relationship want to hang out with different girls, not just one girl.

Some of my friends even use dual phones.

When he gets home, he goes on a different phone. The other phone stays at work.

They constantly give false answers to their partner’s questions.

Even if you catch a strand of hair on it, they can expertly say that this strand of hair is transmitted from the workplace.

In some cases, this may not be a lie, but the truth.

Therefore, if you find any hair on your partner, do not immediately think that your partner is cheating on you.

3. They May Be Lying Because They Love You

I don’t know, have you heard of a type of lie called “white lie”.

Such lies are lies that will not harm anyone.

To give an example, a person has died and you are working at work. You are looking for your lover and ask if everything is okay.

Your partner tells you everything is fine (white lie). These are the lies that will not harm the relationship. Your partner may not want you to be bad by telling these lies.

4. They Lie To Get You

Men’s mentality works completely differently. When they like a girl, they may lie to impress her.

My friend told the girl that she was a boxer and had not been beaten before. Later, a weak person beat him and his lie was revealed 🙂

This type of lying usually doesn’t do much harm to the relationship.

With a small apology this situation can be dealt with.

5. They Lie To Show Off To My Friends

Even if they don’t do some things when they are sitting in a friend environment, they may lie to make themselves look cool.

I can say that I usually have friends who lie very skillfully in their circle of friends.

The man explains the matter with such enthusiasm that it is difficult to understand that it is a lie.

The truth emerges soon after such lies are told.

6. They Lie Because They Are Ashamed

Some men may be unsuccessful after pursuing a job and cannot tell their relatives or partners about it.

This is because they do not want their partner to know that they have failed.

Such men generally have a desire to please everyone.

In such cases, they may lie. Depending on the job, these lies may or may not be a problem.

Depending on the severity of the lie, you can forgive your partner.

Lies That Men Tell Too Often

1. I Can’t Hide My Feeling In The Crowd

Here is a huge lie for you.

Ninety percent of men do not like to show affection to the women they accompany them in a crowd.

But when the relationship is just beginning, they may say such a thing to please the other person.

Women want everyone to know that they are loved and cared for.

Men, on the other hand, are much more conservative about their private lives.

They don’t want everyone to know about their feelings.

It is very common that they avoid expressing their feelings openly, even to the woman they love.

But men want to hide these features from the women they have just met.

2. I’m Not the Marry Type Man

Women can’t wait to get married and start a family.

They may also want to bind the man they are dating with marriage.

If the man does not want to marry this woman, then he takes the blame on himself and says that his personality is not suitable for marriage.

Since he is not the type to marry, he prefers to continue the relationship without making it official.

But don’t be surprised if you hear that the same man married another woman after a while.

3. You Are Definitely Not Fat

Women know… Excess weight is almost the worst nightmare.

They wonder what to do to not look fat.

And because men know this truth, they do not hesitate to lie to women in order to look cute.

It is against politeness for the man to reveal the truth about the woman’s appearance. In recent years, though, men have not been as kind to women as they used to be.

However, it can be said that they put forward a more nuanced attitude towards “fatness”.

Moreover, it is very rare for a man to ask the question “Do you find me fat” to the woman he is dating.

But women often ask this question for confirmation that they are not fat.

4. I Wouldn’t Lie To A Woman To Deceive Her

In fact, men look to get to the stage of making love with the women they like as soon as possible.

Honestly, they’re very impatient about it.

But if the woman is hesitant about some issues, the man immediately resorts to small lies and tries to fulfill his wishes.

A man’s lying to deceive a woman can have bad consequences for both parties.

But when the man longs to make love to the woman, he cannot think of it.

5. I will call you

This is the most common lie they tell. If guys don’t want to meet girls they’ve just met again, they’ll get away with this little lie.

Some men also resort to this lie when they want to end a long-lasting relationship.

While saying goodbye to the woman he met, he feels the need to say “I will call you” even if he has decided not to see her again.

In fact, this lie is another method of ending the relationship.

And the man thinks that he is treating the woman with respect by speaking in this way.

It would not be appropriate for him to say, “I had a terrible day with you.

Let’s not see each other again”. Of all the lies men tell women, this is the most innocent.

6. I Would Never Cheat On The Woman I Love

Men never hesitate to reassure the women they are with that they “still” cheat.

A man makes a firm statement to the woman he is in a relationship with that he will never cheat on her.

However, some men may have cheated on the woman even the day they tell this lie.

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