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Amazon Position: Add A Change To Your Sex Life!

Some sexual positions can be self-explanatory, like cowgirl or doggy style. But others like the amazon position require a detailed explanation. I don’t really know where the name comes from, but I dare to assume since woman traditionally plays a more dominant role like Amazon wars.

It’s not a position for beginners, but if you’re in the mood to try new things and are very confident, I recommend learning a little more about this super interesting sexual position.

If you take a good look at the image, Amazon looks like a combination of a cowgirl and a missionary. The man lies in the air with his knees bent towards his chest. The woman is on top and leans on her partner’s legs to find balance and catch the rhythm.

The key is not to get impatient and enjoy it. It is very important that you go slow, at least in the beginning, to avoid any problems or injuries. If you don’t have enough support, you may fall and both your vagina and the penis inside you may be damaged.

Amazon Position

How To Do Amazon Position?

Do not rush. You have to find the right angle to fully enjoy it. Your biggest advantage is being on top because this position will allow you to make the necessary adjustments and find the friction you need inside or outside your body.

If you need more stability, you can put your hands on the bed. As for the man, his legs could be more open to give you enough room.

As with other sex positions, this position requires a lot of practice and effort to enjoy.

Hint: if the person’s legs are getting in the way, you can try the reverse amazon position where you will be upside down for more support.

This position may tire you out on your first try, but it requires more flexibility, endurance, and patience. Keep calm and laugh at the failures because over time you will learn more and enjoy this position more.

What Should You Do If You Get Tired?

If you get tired or angry, you can use a similar but much easier position like cowgirl. And if you’re tired of being on top, you can use the missionary or spoon position (for both of you to rest).

If you’re already used to Amazon, you can add mainstream excitement with clitoral stimulation. I recommend using a vibrator to increase your pleasure, but you will need to choose the sex toy very carefully as you need to use your hands to support yourself.

Does The Amazon Position Have Risk?

The unconscious practice of the Amazonian sex position can cause some serious problems. For example, applying this position too hard can cause a break in the penis.

Even if you have sexual intercourse, be careful not to lose yourself and talk to your partner frequently.

Small Advice About Amazon Position

  • In order to avoid discomfort during sexual intercourse, it is recommended that the girl slowly and gently insert the penis into her vagina. Her hips will be responsible for inducing all the movement required by penetration in the Amazon position, which happens in an ascending and descending fashion.
  • Stroking your partner’s body or even forcibly holding their hips or massaging their anus can increase their passion for sex and provide an exciting experience. The ideal is to let yourself go!
  • Despite the demanded strength in the legs and the good physical shape of the girl, Amazon is a very suitable position for large penises. This is because the girl has the freedom to lean as she pleases, adjust the speed and allow more or less deep penetration as she wishes.
  • It is also said to be one of the best sexual positions to get the G-spot stimulated, due to the intensity of penetration. It is not easy to achieve, but once achieved, the dose of pleasure is maximum, leading us to explore unimaginable sensations.
  • Another of the main advantages of the Amazonian position is that it allows the girl to enjoy sexual intercourse while working her hips and toning her body. Dare to try and discover a new posture that also benefits your physical fitness.

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