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Can Dogs Look Up? A Common Misconception About Dogs

This question has become so famous that thousands of people search this question every month.

The structure of a dog may differ from the human structure.

It all started when Shaun, the protagonist of the movie, said these words from a comedy-horror movie called “Shaun the Dead”: “yeah, but Big Al says dogs can’t look up!”

Dogs have excellent peripheral vision.

One of the features that distinguishes dogs from humans is that dogs have a 180-degree eye compared to humans.

This means that dogs can easily see above even if they are not looking up.

Dog owners know, especially if there’s something they want, they can sit across from you, stare at where you are, namely up, and stay that way for a very long time.

The ears of dogs are only compatible with the horizontal plane.

As long as they are horizontal, they can distinguish the location of the sound.

They do not have any problems because they are horizontal even when they are on all fours or lying down.

But when they sit upright, they have trouble identifying where the sound is coming from.

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Can Dogs Look Up 2

Can Dogs Look Up?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs can look up, but it is not easy for dogs to look up like humans.

Dogs cannot look up too much because their necks are not developed like humans.

Dogs may need to lie down or get up on a chair to look straight up at the sky.

Unlike dogs, humans can easily move their eyes.

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Can Dogs Look Up

Other Interesting Facts About Dogs

1. The Basenji, a dog breed originating from Central Africa, is different from other dogs.

Because Basenji dogs don’t bark, they howl instead.

This dog breed is always ready to play and loves to move.

2. Chow chow and Shar Pei dogs have black tongues. However, experts do not yet know why these dog breeds have black tongues.

3. Cheetahs are said to be the fastest animal in the world.

However, it seems that the Greyhounds have the speed to beat cheetahs in a long race.

Greyhounds can run an 11 kilometer track at 55 kilometers per hour.

On the other hand, greyhounds are more likely to beat them in the race, as cheetahs can’t always keep their pace and slow down after a while.

4. Known as the longest dog of all time, entered the Guinness Book of Records, the famous dog Zeus could reach 224 centimeters when he stood on his hind legs.

Its height at shoulder level was 112 cm.

Zeus died in 2014, just before he turned 6 years old.

5. A large and strong dog breed, the Bloodhound’s nose smells so well that it can be used as evidence in court.

Bloodhounds can track even a scent that has remained more than 300 hours ago and can follow it from 200 kilometers away.

The Bloodhound breed got its current appearance in the United States and England in the 19th century.

6. Newfoundland dogs are known to be an incredible lifesaver.

These dogs, trained by fishermen in their homeland, can move very actively in the water thanks to their webbed feet and special fur.

They are known for being intelligent, brave, friendly, calm, reliable.

7. Dogs’ noses are as unique as human fingerprints.

The reason it is wet is to be able to smell better.

Dogs lick their noses to better sample the scent coming into their noses. Dogs’ sense of smell is 100,000 times better than humans.

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Other Interesting Facts About Dogs

A Short Summary

Character Shaun (Simon Pegg) has some truth in his words.

Dogs cannot look up like humans, so they can look around by moving their heads.

If you think there is any mistake in our article, you can state it in the comments section.

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