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How To Make A Man Cry In Bed? (Comprehensive Guide)

Our ancestors used to say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Maybe it’s because they don’t know or because they are ashamed.

The truth is that the way to a man’s heart actually goes about 10 to 15 inches below his stomach.

But there are a few things you should know before reading the article.

First of all, this post is quite long and detailed, so you better grab a cup of coffee before you start reading.

And pen and paper.

Because you will want to take note of some of the things written. In addition, we will give you some tasks from time to time in the article. You should definitely not skip them.


How To Make A Man Cry In Bed?

Try To Decode Your Man’s Psychology

In the male brain, sex mainly has 4 main meanings:

  • Ego
  • Success
  • Approval and Appreciation.

For a man, if these four are provided perfectly at the time of sex, the man will experience a magnificent orgasm in the mental sense. This naturally means that he is more attached to you and continues to see you as the woman of his life.

I hear you say, can you expand on these concepts a little more?

What does the ego mean to him?
Women often think that men have sex with them for pleasure. But that’s not the truth. They might as well masturbate if their purpose was purely for pleasure.

I don’t know if you would believe it, but secret surveys sometimes surprise even sex experts. The number of men who like to masturbate despite having a partner is quite a lot!

It would be better to explain the reasons for this in another article. Let’s not deviate from the subject. But this is real.

And if not for pleasure, what for?


Researches reveal that: Men mostly have sex with women to satisfy their ego.

The thing is, men want to see themselves as magnificent beings. Screaming during sexual intercourse may help you with this.

They think they are so strong, resourceful and talented that they think they can take the woman from this Earth and take her to other realms. This raises their egos. For a man, the satisfaction of seeing this is perhaps incomparable to any other emotion.

Success Is Very Important To Them

Let’s talk about what success means to men first.

Men are designed to make women happy from the moment they are born in their primitive brains. It may sound surprising. You can say like this.

“Then why are there still so many men making women unhappy?”

This is a different matter. Problems caused by behavioral disorders or miscommunication problems are a different subject of psychology. We are talking about the primitive brains of men, that is, the genetic conditioning that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years and has become the unchanging building block of their DNA.

I mean this:

For men, success in sex is measured by female satisfaction. If at the time of sex, after sex, the woman reveals that she is not satisfied with the man, all the pleasure the man receives dies. Even if it reaches peaks when it’s emptying.

But give the man the motivation he needs during and after sex.

There may be points you don’t like. You can talk about these after sex. Or you can wait for him to do things you like more. You can also explain this in an appropriate language after sex.

When saying this, style it like this:

“Honey, making love to you makes me incredibly happy. You take me away from me especially when you touch my clitoris more. In those moments, it’s like my whole body wants you.”

Look, there is approval and appreciation in this sentence. Now let’s look at the issue of approval and appreciation.

Approve, appreciate.

If you do this, your man will be yours for life.
For a man, sex is a woman’s approval. When a woman has sex with a man, the man says to himself:

“She approves of me, she wants me with her whole being, and she accepts me. I am worthy of it in his eyes.”

This is indeed the case. Our beloved mentor and world-renowned relationship expert, John GRAY, gave a speech on this subject at a seminar while he was in America:

“When a man feels appreciated, accepted, and trusted, he becomes stronger.

When a woman is ready to have sex with a man, she is at her most intimate and most trusting. She explains very openly that she is ready to demolish her defense, does not hesitate to show her nakedness completely, and wants to immerse her in her body and soul. Desiring a man like this, she makes him feel accepted. When her touches get a pleasurable response, the man feels appreciated and makes a physical difference to the woman.”

Acknowledge him, talk about how great it feels to be with him. Appreciate the splendor of the time you spend after sex with gestures, facial expressions and spontaneous nasty words that come out of your mouth during sex. Because your man wants this more than you can imagine.

We took an overview of the sex psychology of men. We know very well the 4th, which is important to us right now. We had ideas about how we should treat him and what his “perception of sex” was in his brain.

Now we can begin to slowly enter the bedroom.

Are you ready to put on your Detective Hat?

Because the next step requires it.

I can say that this stage is quite fun. Because at this stage you will explore what your man likes and what he desires deep down. Now I’m going to ask you to do a simple research.

What Do Men Like In Bed?

Now that you’re wearing your detective hat, the interrogation begins. So who is the person you will question?

Of course your partner.

When you search the internet or other media for what men like in bed, you’ll usually see things or headlines like:

“Men love high heels.

The color red drives men crazy.” Bla bla bla….

What do they think, are men robots?

Okay, men are usually straight, they don’t have detailed and different tastes like women, but not that much.

I can count a lot of men who don’t like the color red.

Or someone who hates heels. In fact, let me tell you, a friend of mine said that she didn’t want her husband to wear high heels when he was in the bedroom.

When asked why:

He said, “You’re taller than me when you wear high heels, I feel short and lame as a man.” Here you go! Where is the high heels fantasy of men?

It means that not all men are the same. You can’t know without asking. That is why we will do exactly that at this stage.

If you’re ready, let’s get started…

Here is what I want you to do. When you are available during the day (this should be a time when you are alone with him), you will take a pen and paper and ask him some questions.

Usually, couples don’t like to talk much about sex, so they obviously don’t know much about what each other likes. Therefore, it can take a very long time for them to get to know each other. At this point, we will eliminate this waste of time and we will be able to learn what he likes in a short time.

I think you could ask him these questions to start with:

  • What time do you like to have sex most?
  • Is the environment important to him while making love? Kitchen or any part of the house or outside
  • Which parts of your body does your partner like the most?
  • What are his favorite positions?
  • What kind of clothes you wear will make your partner happy
  • What color clothes does she like?
  • Does she like your perfume smell?
  • Has anything ever happened that made him feel bad during sex?
  • Is there anything about sex that worries her?
  • Is there anything she wants you to do for her that she can’t say because she’s afraid? (For example, many men want oral sex but can’t offer it to their woman.)

The list goes on and on. You can extend the list by adding many more items to it. But there is one more specific question I would like you to add to this list, which I think is the most important.

Men sometimes have deep secret fantasies. They do not reveal these easily because they fear pressure from both their partners and those around them.

For an overly traditional or conservative couple, for example, oral sex can be a daunting desire. Therefore, this request is never voiced.

But one of the prerequisites for a woman to be attractive for that man is that this deep-seated fantasy has come true. Because this is a touchstone and breaking point for that man. It is the last obstacle to the meeting of body and soul at the time of sex.

If this obstacle is removed, the man feels completely free at the moment of sex and interprets sex with his primitive brain, not with his forebrain. Borders are now gone. He completely frees his soul, mind and body to that woman. And that woman really becomes his indispensable.

Because he was able to experience this feeling of orgasm only with her.

Here’s what I’m asking you to find that deep fantasy of yours and make it come true.

You can’t learn this with pen and paper in hand. Even if you ask, he probably won’t tell. You have to encourage and encourage him to be able to say this.

Maybe you have some crazy fantasy that you hide inside like this. It will encourage him if you say this first. This way, you both open up all your cards.

Yes, we have completed the Sexy Detective Project and learned about her most basic desires and the things that affect her most in bed. Now it’s time for the implementation phase.


What Do You Understand When You Say Foreplay?

Most women or men think that foreplay is just a few minutes of intimacy in the bedroom before sex. However, this is not foreplay!

Foreplay covers the whole process from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment the sex begins. In other words, you should see it this way.


The reason is simple. All activities that evoke sexuality during the day, your behavior towards each other, your attitude, your closeness create tension between you. This is called sexy thriller.

The more the sexy tension rises until the moment of sex, the more the pleasure from sex increases, the more satisfying and intense the orgasms are. So if you’re looking for ways to drive your man crazy in bed, you have to make an effort to keep the sexy tension high throughout the day.

So how can we achieve this?

Let’s take a look at the visual issue first. You know, men are visual creatures, and when it comes to sex, their strongest arousal occurs when it comes to visuals.

For example, most men do not like to have sex in the dark. The reason for this is that although he feels his partner, he cannot enter enough mode because he cannot experience visual satisfaction.

There is even a report by the famous researcher Alfred Kinsey on this subject. This study, which is referred to as the Alfred Kinsey Report in the literature, includes the following finding:

In a lab setting, men and women are shown the same comics and pictures. After that, the subjects are asked how they felt. 77% of men who participated in the experiment say they are sexually aroused. But this is not the case for women. Only 32% of female subjects say that they feel sexually aroused, and a significant number of participating women also express that they are uncomfortable with this experiment.

This report is just one of the studies on this subject. As it can be understood from here, visuality is of great importance in the stimulation of men.

Let’s see how you can provide this visualization. Very simple. Choose an outfit that will turn her on but not overdo it at the same time and go around with her all day long. The signals you send to him throughout the day will have a cumulative effect and will bear fruit when night comes.

Another issue you should pay attention to is the art of hinting. All your movements, words, looks, even your breathing during the day should contain hints that will prepare him for the night. You have to keep her mind constantly but constantly sexually bombarded.

It doesn’t matter when the floor is crowded. Even while sitting in a friend environment, you can take out your phone and send nasty messages to him. Or you can secretly touch it without anyone noticing. When you get in your car, you can place a kiss on his lips quickly and instantly. You have to molest him. Every opportunity you find and every move you make will cause the volcano growing inside it to erupt more powerfully.

And the time has come.

The Bedroom Door Is Now Closing

Don’t mind what I call the bedroom. It can be the kitchen, the living room, wherever you want.

Are you going to have sex after a short sex? Of course no. I know he can’t wait but not right away!

At this point, you can play sex games if you both want to. This will increase the sexy tension even more.

Or you can give her a short striptease show in the atmosphere she wants, in the clothes she chooses, with the music she likes. After all, you had already done your research. We know exactly what you like and what you don’t like, right?

Do not take the strip show issue lightly. You cannot imagine the effect. Because there is no more powerful way to stimulate her right before sex.

And that’s the moment…

Of course, it is not possible for us to talk about how to have sex at length here. But you have noticed throughout the article. We have always focused on the psychological dimension of sex. Because psychology is in everything and everywhere. Master as many sex skills and tricks as you want, if you don’t know the psychology of sex, you’ll be empty-handed.

You should consider this psychology the most during sex. Of course, your sexual skills will be added to this at the time of sex.

Gorgeous sex doesn’t have a formula, frankly speaking. But every right thing you do will make sex even more perfect and make your man go crazy in bed.

I will give you some important tips about the moment of sex in a moment. By paying attention to these during sex, you can give her an unforgettable experience.

Here it comes.

Ways To Impress Men In Sex And Make Them Happy In Bed

Harness the power of mirrors.

Mirrors allow him to see you from different positions and angles during sex. Since the bodies are so close at the time of sex, it may become impossible to see the parts of your body that you love.

For example, seeing you from the side with the help of a mirror in the doggy style position will carry his visual stimulation to a very high level.

This is the reason why a position is shot from so many different angles in porn movies. Men watching these movies watch all the curves and parts of the woman from dozens of different cameras without being aware of how her body reacts in tides. Of course, this is not something that was done randomly.

On the contrary, the producers, who know the importance of appealing to the brains and visual stimulation centers of men, know how important it is and adjust everything accordingly. Otherwise, all these films would have been shot from the side with a single camera.

Ways To Pleasure Men Are By Discovering His Pleasure Points

The male body has many pleasure points. Neck, ear, nipples etc. But that’s not the advice I’m going to give us.

The most stimulating and effective pleasure point for a man is his penis. The short touches you will make on his penis during intercourse will affect him more than ever.

But here you should pay attention to one thing. If you can’t adjust the dose of the touch well, you will encourage him to ejaculate more quickly. This is not something we want either.

Learn The Art Of Dirty Talking to Satisfy A Man In Bed

Let me unpack the nasty talk a little bit. We can explain indecent speech as a way of speaking that provokes a man during sex and that can be used as slang.

Why is this important?

Because your words are one of the indicators that caress the man’s ego (I have explained the importance of the ego before) during sex and show how well he is doing.

The more passionate, enthusiastic and uncontrolled these words are, the more the man is affected by it. Because he wants to see you go crazy with pleasure and see you lose yourself. He wants to see your enthusiasm. He wants to see you get dirty and turn into a hot witch. One of the best ways to show this to him is to use nasty sentences.

In addition, the groans and meaningless sounds that will come out of your mouth will provoke and motivate him. Do not ignore this advice.

Show Her How Willing You Are

It is a fact that in our society, sex is usually initiated by men. This puts men in the position of always demanding and women always in demand.

In this way, the constant demand for sex by the man causes a fear of “rejection” in men over time. This may sound simple to you, but it certainly isn’t. There are people whose sex lives come to an end just because of this.

Similar complaints were always witnessed in secret surveys about men.

“I wish women were as willing to have sex as we are”

“Why am I always the first to request”

“He sees sex as a gift he has given me”

“It’s easier for me to ask my friend for a loan”.

Can you see the answers? How much do they suffer?

You can reverse this. Be the initiator and show her how much you want her during sex.

Show him that you are very satisfied during sex and how much you enjoy being with him with your facial expressions, actions and words. He will be very pleased to see it approved.


Remove The Limits

If you remember, we talked about our sexy detective project at the beginning, and within the scope of this project, revealing her deepest secret desires and fantasies.

These hidden desires and fantasies are the red line between his primitive brain and you. You must eliminate this line. Okay, there are things we can all do and not do, I agree, but you won’t know until you try.

For once you have to make him feel completely free and give himself to you with his whole being.

Without thinking.

Freely. You might like this one too.

When you remove all boundaries and reach the core of his basic sexual desires, you will find that everything takes on a whole new dimension.

The Thing You Should Never Forget

One thing you should never forget: To drive him crazy, you need to focus more on your attitude and behavior than your sexual skills.

One thing you should never forget: To drive him crazy, you need to focus more on your attitude and behavior than your sexual skills.

Men don’t care if you know 196 different sex positions and can instantly adapt to it, or how well you touch her erogenous zones, or how well you grip her lips while kissing her.

The most important thing for him is that you show him how effective his sex skills are on you.

The way you look at her during sex should tell her, “You’re gorgeous and you’re driving me crazy, how can you do that so well”.

Your moans should make him feel like you’re enjoying himself like crazy.

Look, I’m not saying pretend.

You can’t make her feel that in a sex you don’t enjoy at a certain level anyway. But it is also a fact that most women do not reflect these feelings to their men, even though they feel it.

Maybe he’s ashamed.

Maybe he’s hesitating.

Maybe she doesn’t want to appear helpless in front of him!

I say not to pretend, but I want you to pay attention to one point. We all know the power of suggestion now. Anything you do a little more than you feel during sex creates a suggestion for you.

For example, the reactions in the form of moaning during sex show how intensely you are aroused at that moment.

If your arousal intensity is 3, you groan at 3 intensity. That is what is natural.

However, if you groan at the intensity of 4 despite being stimulated 3 times at a time, your nervous system will start to respond to this physical reaction of your body after a while. This in turn strengthens your hormones and stimulation of the sex areas in your brain. Look, I’m not saying that if you get 3 warnings, show 5 reactions. Show 4, that is, a little more.

You can think of it as a kind of fueling yourself. Over time, you will witness that you are more concentrated on sex than usual and that you will experience and experience stronger orgasms by putting yourself and your partner into the energy cycle. This is indeed a powerful suggestion method.

You can find an answer to the question of whether you can have sexual intercourse during your menstrual period in this article.

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