Impressive Yoga Poses – The Best Poses!

We’ll talk about some of impressive yoga poses in this article. But let’s firstly start with the definition of yoga. What is Yoga? Can anyone do yoga poses? What are benefits of yoga?

Definition of Yoga

Yoga is not just a basic physical workout, it is a body and full mind exercise.

We can simply define it as a set of different types of specific exercises.

And these specific exercises are called yoga poses.

And the most important point here is that these poses are combined with specific breathing techniques and also some meditation principles.

So it is obvious that yoga is a combination of not only physical exercises, and also mental exercises.

Do you know that it has more than 60 benefits for your physical and mental health?

In short, it is good for your body and mind, and has so many physical, mental, emotional benefits.

Benefits of Yoga

Impressive Yoga Poses

Studies show some benefits of yoga.

It is proved that yoga helps to reduce back pain, strengthen bones.

Besides that it also helps to reduce stress, and relieve depression.

Yes! It is good for stress and depression. In other words, yoga calms your brain.

So you can relax your brain with a lot of impressive yoga poses.

Of course, you should be careful, but don’t be afraid of trying easy yoga poses.

There are a lot of basic yoga poses for beginners.

There is a good news that yoga is for everyone.

It depends just on you to try what you want among a lot of different yoga poses.

And you can do it by yourself or even try some group yoga poses with your friends!

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Easy But Imressive Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses

Probably you at least know the names of some basic yoga poses like child’s pose, plank pose, cobra pose, corpse pose, tree pose which are easy and good choices for beginners.

Child’s Pose

Child's Pose

Child’s pose is one of the most popular basic but impressive yoga poses.

It is so good to increase circulation.

As some other easy yoga poses, it can be used to quiet the mind and also the body.

Plank Pose

Plank Pose

Another example for impressive yoga poses is plank pose.

A magic yoga pose! It exactly improves your posture, and also makes your spine strong.

We can shortly say that this pose prepares your body for other intense poses.

But don’t think that the benefits of this pose are just physical, it also improves mental focus.

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Cobra Pose. It is Time To Stretch!

Cobra Pose

Let’s talk a little bit about cobra pose.

No, it is not as dangerous as its name!

This basic yoga pose strengthens your back muscles, shoulders, wrists and arms.

It is also good for stretching abdominal muscles after doing other exercises.

Do you know that this pose is therapeutic for asthma? Yes, it opens the heart and lungs.

Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose

You can also try corpse pose to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and calm your mind.

This pose will also reduce headache and anxiety.

You should stay at least 5 minutes and get physically comfortable.

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A Little Bit More Challenging – Tree Pose

Tree pose

This pose is the simplest standing balance pose.

You can try tree pose in order to improve balance and stability in your legs.

And this one is also good to strengthen your entire leg.

And as our other examples above it helps to improve your posture.

As beginning, hold for 10 to 20 seconds, about 3 to 8 breaths.

If you want to try some challenging yoga poses, there are also some other difficult impressive yoga poses.

There are yoga poses which can be performed with group of friends.

For example, 2 or 3 person yoga poses are also so popular.

As we mentioned above, performing yoga poses with two people is called couples yoga or partner yoga.

And obviously, three person yoga poses are a little bit difficult than single and partner yoga.

Although 4 or more person yoga poses are not so common, there are some 4 person yoga poses that you may want to try with your friends who love yoga in order to relax and for having fun.

To perform these exercises, the first important thing is that you shouls trust your friends 🙂

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