Magnolia Flower: Meaning, Benefits, Care.

The Latin for Magnolia flower is Magnolia grandiflora L.

Magnolia flower belongs to the Magnoliaceae family.

Magnolia flower is a kind of coarse flower with a very pleasant smell, leaves and oval appearance.

Magnolia flower is grouped into two types in the form of species.

It takes its place among the rare plants that preserve their color in all seasons.

This flower, which blooms in May-August, can bloom in colors such as yellow, red, white and purple.

However, Magnolia flowers are a type of flower that likes a temperate climate.

These flowers have their own unique meanings and characteristics.

Today the Southern Magnolia plant is one of the most widely planted evergreen trees in the world.

This tree is also called the American tree.

The largest Southern Magnolia is found in Smith County, Mississippi, with a stem diameter greater than 6 feet, 122 feet tall.

This herb has white creamy flowers, has a lemony scent and is 6 to 12 inches in diameter.

The Magnolia family is one of the oldest plants in existence.
The plant has no petals and sepals but has petal-like stigmas.

The flowers of the plant do not produce true nectar, but they attract insects with their fragrant and sugary secretions.

Magnolia Flower

About Magnolia Flower

Magnolia is a type of flower that grows natively in the southern region of North America and in Europe, in many temperate climates around the world.

There are about 12 known species and 220 varieties of magnolias.

Magnolia Flower Care

Seedlings of Magnolia flowers should be taken in the spring season.

However, the size of the place where the flowers are located should be suitable for the flowers.

Magnolia flowers love light. Therefore, it should be placed in a sunny (not much) place.

Room temperature should be normal for homegrown Magnolias.

Fertilizing at regular intervals will help this flower grow.

It is important that the manure is animal manure.

Pruning this flower at certain intervals is necessary for their health.

For sensitive Magnolias, protection from winter cold is essential.

When planting Magnolia flowers, they should not be planted deep.

The best watering time for Magnolia flowers is at night and watering the leaves.

These flowers can be bought and planted as seeds, seedlings, trees or flowers.

Washing and watering the leaves of the flower will be sufficient for the water requirement of the flower.

You Will Grow Magnolia Flowers at Home, pay attention to the warnings listed below:

  • Those who grow this flower at home should buy the seedlings in the spring.
  • The type and quality of the soil is very important. The soil used for potted plants is mixed with chestnut soil. With this mixture, suitable soil can be prepared.
  • Lime soils are not suitable for this flower.
  • If you are going to fertilize this plant, it is especially important to use rose fertilizer.
  • Since the root of the plant is close to the surface, the soil does not need to be hoeed. Loose and sufficiently moist soil type is ideal for Magnolia flower.
  • Magnolia flowers love sunlight. Therefore, the pots should be placed in a place that receives plenty of sunlight at home.
  • Since it is a climate flower, it should not be left in a very cold place in winter.
  • You can meet the water needs of this flower by washing its leaves.


  • Especially young seedlings should be watered regularly in the first years. If the irrigation of young seedlings is interrupted, the plant will not be able to develop healthily.
  • Especially in summer, the plant should not be allowed to be without water for a long time.


  • Although the Magnolia flower is resistant to the cold winter months, it needs protection.
  • It may need to be protected not only from the cold but also from the winter sun.
  • This plant likes sunny, bright and semi-shady places.
  • Temperate and slightly humid places are the most suitable areas for this plant.

Magnolia Flower Meaning

Magnolia flower represents the nobility of love. It is used to express how noble love is. It also symbolizes perseverance, dignity, humility and purity.

Meditation means intuition, inner peace, self-knowledge, loyalty and devotion.

Did you know that the Magnolia flower has a legend that has been circulating from past to present?

One day, the Magnolia flower falls in love with the azalea flower that grows right next to it.

But this love is unrequited.

Over time, the heart of the Magnolia, which is suffering from love, splits into two and is torn from its body. Thus, two trees are formed.

One of these trees is a tall and strong Magnolia and the other is a starry Magnolia with its white and fragile flowers.

After this story, it is said that the inner part of the Magnolia represents the heart and soul of the plant.

The Most Common Types Of Magnolia Tree

  • Brackens Brown Beauty – It is a medium-sized Magnolia species that is resistant to cold weather.
  • Little Gem – This Magnolia species is small and its flowers grow to about 10×20 feet.
  • Margaret Davis – One of the largest and fastest growing species is Margaret Davis.
  • Goliath – Its flowers can grow up to 12 inches long and have a long blooming period.

Benefits Of Magnolia Flower

Magnolia flower has some benefits for human health.

The oil extracted from the Magnolia flower can regulate heartbeat by helping to lower blood pressure.

It also provides a sense of relaxation. It is used for beauty masks to moisturize the dehydrated and dry skin.

This flower has an antipyretic benefit.

Stimulant and tonic are obtained from the plant.

Its bark is also good for some skin problems such as dysentery, indigestion, erysipelas, fever.

Since it has a relaxing feature, it can be used as a tonic for skin care.

How To Propagate Magnolia Blossom?

It has been easily reproduced in other countries as it adapts to many soil types.

There are 4 different replication methods for duplication.

These can be listed as propagation by grafting method, propagation by cutting, propagation by dipping method, and propagation by seed.


Magnolia Flower Seed

The seed of the grass is contained in the fruit that looks like a cone.

The seeds hang from the long and filamentous structure before pouring out of the fruit.

It can be said that the seeds are the size of bean grains.

Seeds are shiny and red in appearance. It matures in September and November.


We leave a video that will help you in planting the plant:

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