Pregnancy: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Pregnancy, defined as the process that begins with the fertilization of the female egg by the sperm of the male reproductive cell during sexual intercourse, lasts an average of 37-40 weeks.

The probability of pregnancy increases in sexual intercourse that does not use birth control methods.

Now that we know what pregnancy is, let’s take a look at the questions asked during pregnancy.

Can You Donate Blood While Pregnant?

Pregnant women can donate blood only 6 weeks after the termination of pregnancy.

One of the reasons why blood donation is not accepted is the problems that may arise in the circulatory system of the baby and the mother.

Pregnant women cannot donate blood because the rate of blood cell and iron vitamin decreases after giving blood.

Pregnant women cannot donate blood.

In the blood donation criteria, attention is paid to whether the person is pregnant or not.

Can You Donate Blood While Pregnant?

Can Pregnant Women Eat Shrimp?

Pregnant women can consume shrimp, salmon and squid, but make sure the place where you buy the shrimp is clean.

It will be better for you and your baby if you cook the shrimp yourself at home.

Mussels should not be consumed because they may contain heavy metals and because of the risk of hepatitis A.

Uncooked seafood (such as sushi) is also harmful to the baby and should not be eaten during pregnancy.

Can You Get A Tattoo While Pregnant?

Tattooing is not recommended during pregnancy.

It is also known that some dyes used in tattooing can cause genetic mutations and congenital abnormalities in the unborn baby.

In particular, pain and bleeding, local infections that may occur on the skin, and allergic reactions to the dye used are more common.

Various skin diseases such as sarcoid, keloid, psoriasis, photosensitivity and even benign or malignant tumor formation can develop in tattooed areas, albeit very rarely.

There are studies showing that the dyes used contain aromatic amines that are carcinogenic.

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Can You Get A Tattoo While Pregnant1

Can You Dye Your Hair While Pregnant?

Some of the chemicals in hair dye are extremely harmful while pregnant.

If you still decide to dye your hair, do not do this in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

After the 4th month of pregnancy, choose organic, natural, pure vegetable dyes that do not contain chemicals.

In the researches, there is no concrete evidence that hair dyes made during pregnancy and breastfeeding cause any birth defects on the baby.

The reason why hair dyeing is considered dangerous by experts while pregnant is that some of the hair dye containing chemical substances mixes with the blood through the skin of the hair.


  • If you are going to dye your hair, dye it after the 4th month of pregnancy.
  • Make sure that the environment where the painting is done is airy.
  • Choose natural, chemical-free vegetable dyes.
  • Rinse your scalp thoroughly after hair dyeing.
  • If you are doing the painting yourself, wear gloves.
  • Avoid using the dye for your eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Do not choose paints containing ammonia.
  • If you like to change your hair color, you can use henna.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Crab?

You can eat crab during pregnancy, but it needs to be hygienically prepared and properly cooked.

Especially if your cholesterol levels are not under control, you should consult your doctor before eating crab meat.

Doctors recommend consuming seafood.

It is also great for the baby’s brain and eye development as it has benefits such as protein, vitamins A – D, omega-3 fatty acids.

It may even help combat depression during pregnancy and childbirth.

Since the immune system is more sensitive during pregnancy, you should also be careful when choosing crabs.

The safest option to eat crab during pregnancy is king crab.

Blue crab, snow crab or other popular crab varieties can be harmful because of the high mercury content.

Consuming raw seafood such as crab is not recommended because of the dangerous parasites and microorganisms it may contain.

Eating raw crab during pregnancy will affect the development of the baby as well as the mother’s health problems.

Also, consuming raw or undercooked seafood can cause birth defects or miscarriage.

The same problems exist for pre-cooked ready-made crab meats.

No seafood should be consumed raw during pregnancy.

Before eating the crab, thoroughly wash the cutlery during preparation and use separate knives and cutting boards for cutting.

Also, you should not eat stale food that has been left at room temperature for more than two hours.

In short, eating crab during pregnancy Contributes to Fetal Development, Increases Immunity, Good for Anemia.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Crab

Can Pregnant Women Eat Hot Dogs?

Experts warn women to stay away from processed meat products such as salami and sausage during pregnancy, saying that these products can cause brain damage in unborn babies.

To protect the health of your baby, you must pay attention to our food.

You should stay away from harmful foods during pregnancy.

Consumption of processed foods such as sausage and salami has been found to cause cancer in studies conducted in recent years.

In an article published in the ‘International Journal of Cancer’, the consumption of these foods, especially during pregnancy, can cause brain cancer in babies.

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Can You Run While Pregnant?

Experts say that if you’re healthy and your pregnancy is normal, it’s okay for pregnant women to exercise for at least 150 minutes a week without exhausting themselves.

If you have exercised regularly before pregnancy, normal exercise during pregnancy will not pose a risk to you, but this is definitely an issue that should be discussed with your doctor.

Novice or professional, the first thing you should do is discuss your exercise program with your doctor.

While running while pregnant is safe for most women, your doctor will want to advise you on dos and don’ts.


  • For lots of water.
  • Wear comfortable, non-tight clothes.
  • Run in safe, well-lit and non-secluded areas. You should have people around you in case you need help.
  • Carry your phone with you at all times.
  • Ask your doctor about your calorie needs. Since running burns a lot of calories and you need the energy for two, you may have to make up for it.

Things to avoid doing:

  • 1. Do not run in hot and humid weather.
  • Do not force yourself to run until you are out of breath.
  • If you experience joint pain, chest pain or dizziness, stop running.
  • Don’t eat too much. Keep your meals small and frequent.
Can You Run While Pregnant

Can Pregnant Women Eat Lobster?

During pregnancy, they can use group B antibiotics, penicillins, cephalosporins, clindamycin, macrolides (erythromycin, azithromycin), nitrofurantoin and metronidazole, which will not harm the expectant mother.

During pregnancy, changes occur in all systems of the female body, as well as in the immune system.

The immune system is weakened in order for the body to accept the baby.

Pregnant women become more susceptible to diseases. Therefore, the need for antibiotic use increases more than non-pregnant women.

Pregnant women can be given drugs and especially antibiotic treatments, even if they are in the pregnancy period, in order to relieve various complaints or to treat the disease when they catch a disease. During pregnancy, antibiotic use may be required at the request of a doctor for various reasons. The most common causes are:

  • Urinary tract infections (cystitis, pyelonephritis)
  • Upper Respiratory tract infections
  • Community-acquired pneumonia
  • Sinusitis
  • Skin infections
  • Tooth and gum infections
  • Diarrhea etc.

When To Take A Pregnancy Test?

Take a pregnancy test at least one week after your period is missed.

If you do it sooner, the result may be negative even if you are pregnant, as adequate hCG levels cannot be reached.

The time you take a pregnancy test is also important.

Although it does not make a big difference, the first urine in the morning, that is, when you wake up, always gives much better results.

When you drink too much water, it can be difficult to detect the urinary hCG level.

Especially in the very early stages, when it has not yet reached the sufficient amount, such a situation may be the case.

If you are taking fertility drugs containing hCG for a different reason, the test may be positive even if you are not pregnant because hCG will be found in your blood.

When To Take A Pregnancy Test

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests?

In summary, pregnancy tests measure the level of hCG hormone in the blood.

In general, pregnancy tests are 97% accurate when you follow all the instructions on the package insert.

Some pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others and more expensive than their counterparts.

These tests can detect pregnancy earlier than others.

It can give accurate results by measuring 20 mlU or more of hCG hormone in the blood 8 days after sexual intercourse.

Moderate quality tests can give the correct result after detecting 50-100 mlU hCG in the blood.

How Long Is Pregnancy?

The average gestation period calculated for those with regular 28-day cycles starting from the first day of the last menstrual cycle corresponds to 280 days or 40 weeks.

We can divide the pregnancy into 3 equal periods, 280 days, that is, 40 weeks, as 3 calendar months.

How Long Is Pregnancy

When Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

The first signs of pregnancy can be felt 5-10 days after fertilization occurs.

The feeling of bloating before and during menstruation is among the first signs of pregnancy.

Tenderness in the breasts and darkening of the nipples also indicate pregnancy.

Blisters around the nipple become more prominent than before.

Darkening and tenderness in the nipples as a result of changes in hormones cannot be said to be a sign of pregnancy alone.

The delay in monthly menstrual periods is shown as the strongest sign of pregnancy.

Hormones, which start to work more than usual, activate the ovaries and create a dense discharge.

Vaginal discharge, which is transparent and odorless, can be counted as a sign of pregnancy.

If the color of the discharge looks like yellow or green, it may not be a good sign.

Even if there is vaginal discharge, it is necessary to consult a health institution to see if this is normal.

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Can I Take A Pregnancy Test At Night? 

You should not do a pregnancy test at night because the level of hCG in the urine can drop in the evening.

This can cause the test to be negative even if you are pregnant.

When Does Breast Milk Come In During Pregnancy?

 Although the breast milk discharge during pregnancy is experienced from the 16th week (from the 4th month), it is usually not a cause for concern.

Of course, this does not mean that every pregnant mother should have milk after the 16th week of pregnancy.

Remember that your body is ready to produce milk from the 8th week.

It is normal for milk or clear liquid to come from both breasts or one breast in the last weeks of pregnancy.

There are two hormones associated with the production of milk from the breasts during pregnancy:

Prolactin and Oxytocin.

So what is this prolactin and oxytocin, what does it do, what should be done for them to work properly?

Prolactin is a hormone that directly affects reproduction and health.

It is also known as the milk hormone.

Although it is associated with women, it is found in both sexes.

However, although its function in men is not fully known, the common point is that it is a hormone that provides sexual stimulation.

When Does Breast Milk Come In During Pregnancy

When To Start Using Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy?

The use of stretch marks cream is recommended from the 4th and 5th months of pregnancy.

In cases such as dryness, cracks, acne and color changes on the skin, pregnant women can use crack creams with the advice of a doctor.

When the muscles and fats under the skin grow faster than the skin, cracks begin to form in the body.

The period of elongation and weight gain that occurs suddenly can cause stretch marks in both men and women.

When the skin cannot withstand excessive stretching, it creates crevices.

Skin cracking can occur due to changes in hormones caused by pregnancy.

In addition, as side effects of some drugs used, cracks and skin ruptures can be seen in the body.

Is Diarrhea A Sign Of Pregnancy?

You may experience diarrhea during pregnancy, but diarrhea is not among the pregnancy symptoms.

Diarrhea can have many causes. If you are pregnant and have diarrhea problems, inform your doctor about this situation.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

After fertilization occurs, women produce a hormone called hCG.

A pregnancy test also tries to understand whether this hormone is present in the body through urine.

The higher the level of hCG hormone in your urine, the more likely you are to be pregnant.

However, a negative pregnancy test from time to time does not mean that there is no pregnancy.

This can happen if the test is done too early.

If a negative result is not expected, it would be best to wait another week and repeat the test.

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