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Sanpaku Eyes: What Is It? What Personality Do They Have?

Sanpaku gan (三白眼) or Sanpaku (三白) is a Japanese term meaning “three whites”.

It started in the 60s when the Japanese writer George Osawa predicted the deaths of famous American figures (JFK, Marilyn Monroe) based on their eyes.

Since then, people have come up with some speculations about people with such eyes.

This superstition, which means “three whites”, is the sight of a white space above or below the pupils of the eyes when a person looks ahead.

In some cases, Sanpaku can be seen in both eyes and in only one eye.

The Japanese consider that the fate of people with such eyes is in some cases adversely affected.

People with sanpaku eyes are believed to show a certain physical and mental instability to traditional Japanese medicine.

The behavior and personality of people with such eyes may differ from other people.

Most people don’t pay attention to this detail when they look into the eyes.

To tell the truth, the first thing I did when I did research on this subject was to look in the mirror and see if there was a gap under or above my eye.

Sanpaku is divided into 3 types, namely lower, upper and four white eyes.

Sanpaku Eyes

What Is A Sub-Sanpaku (Sanpaku Yin)?

Sanpaku Yin

Sub sanpaku is when a person easily sees the white space under the eye when looking in the mirror.

The lower sanpaku is very common.

Such eyes can be seen frequently in western people.

It is difficult to predict the thoughts of people with this type of eye.

They usually have a mysterious and charismatic facial structure.

What Is Upper Sanpaku (Sanpaku Yang)?

Sanpaku Yang

The upper sanpaku is rare, and the white space above the eye is easily visible when the person looks in the mirror.

According to the belief of the Japanese, it is said that people with such eyes give a frightening and restless appearance.

What Are Four White Eyes?

Four White Eyes

The four white eyes are the eyes where all the white around the black eyes is visible.

It is common in people with large eyes.

Is Sanpaku Rare?

It is estimated that 1 in every 40 people may have this type of eye.

If we make a small calculation, 2.5% of the world has such eyes.

As a result, such eyes are not very common, but it cannot be said that they are very rare either.

Some Personality Traits Of People With Sanpaku Eyes

They Are Calm

People with such eyes have a cool appearance on the outside, but are generally said to be calm.

They can make calm decisions, even if they are mentally driven.

They Have High Concentration

It is said that people with such eyes can overcome anything with high concentration.

They can focus on their own business without being affected, even in a distracting environment. They can do everything to the end without losing concentration for a long time.

Even if they face difficult problems or troubles, they can always overcome them.

Therefore, they are very successful at school and at work.

Personally, they hate to lose.

They Have A Strong Will

People with such eyes are said to have a strong will.

They are believed to have solid perspectives and ways of thinking.

They have a simple personality and hate being twisted.

They are quite stubborn and usually do not change their minds.

They Are Awake

People with sanpaku eyes are said to be very alert.

They rarely open their hearts. People with this type of eye are cautious when making new friends.

After introducing themselves, they tend to be quiet and feel awkward.

They don’t talk much about themselves.

That’s why they seem to have an atmosphere of mystery.

They may also feel distrustful of everything.

They Are Quiet

People with sanpaku eyes are said to be quiet.

Instead of communicating with people and working hard, they can achieve results by working alone.

They do not like to talk too much and are very meticulous about it.

That’s why people around say it’s hard to get along with such people.

They Have A High Spirituality

People with such eyes are said to be highly spiritual.

They seem to like to spend time alone and think things through on their own.

They do not want to be guided by the people around them.

They believe in themselves and go the way they decide without hesitation.

They also have an overly curious personality towards mysterious things.

They Care About Their Appearance

People with sanpaku eyes are said to be particular about their appearance.

They care about their appearance and seem very interested in fashion.

They tend to only talk about themselves when they talk, and are said to have undue self-confidence.

They choose hairstyles and makeup that do not bother their eyes.

It is said that in romance, the other person’s appearance is important and he is constantly exploring how to make himself attractive to the opposite sex.


Are sanpaku eyes good luck?

Contrary to popular belief, sanpaku eyes are not associated with good or bad luck. This belief is more rooted in cultural superstitions than scientific fact. However, some cultures might interpret sanpaku eyes as a sign of physical or emotional imbalance.

Do I have Yin sanpaku eyes?

Yin sanpaku is when the white part of the eye (sclera) is visible below the iris. It is believed to indicate physical, mental, or emotional imbalance, according to some interpretations. To observe if you have Yin sanpaku eyes, look straight into a mirror with your face relaxed. If you can see the whites under your iris, you may have Yin sanpaku eyes.

Do psychopaths have sanpaku eyes?

There is no scientific evidence linking sanpaku eyes to psychopathy. It’s crucial not to make assumptions about someone’s character or mental health based on their physical appearance.

How rare is sanpaku eyes?

Sanpaku eyes are not a rare condition. Many people naturally have visible sclera either above or below their iris. However, the extent of visibility can vary from person to person.

Is it OK to have sanpaku eyes?

Yes, it is perfectly okay to have sanpaku eyes. It does not indicate any medical problem and is simply a characteristic of one’s appearance.

What are normal and sanpaku eyes?

In “normal” eyes, the iris touches both the top and bottom eyelids when a person is looking straight ahead. In contrast, with sanpaku eyes, the whites of the eyes are visible above or below the iris.

What ethnicity has sanpaku eyes?

Sanpaku eyes are not specific to any ethnicity. People of all ethnic backgrounds can have sanpaku eyes.

What is sanpaku eyes disorder?

Sanpaku eyes are not a disorder. It is a term used to describe the appearance of the eyes when the whites are visible above or below the iris. This condition does not indicate any underlying health problems.

Who has sanpaku eyes?

Many people, including celebrities like Billie Eilish and Marilyn Monroe, have sanpaku eyes. This characteristic is common and can be seen in people from all walks of life.

Why are Billie Eilish’s eyes like that?

Billie Eilish has sanpaku eyes, a condition where the whites of a person’s eyes are visible either above or below the iris when looking straight ahead. This is a natural characteristic and does not indicate any health concerns.


It should be noted that sanpaku is just a superstition.

It is unlikely that people with such eyes will all have the same way of thinking and the same personality.

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