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Why Should You Drive Slower At Night?

Most people don’t want to drive at night unless they have to.

It’s really hard to drive in the dark.

In addition to not being able to see the surroundings clearly enough, the headlights of the vehicles around you do not provide a comfortable driving area.

This situation gives the signals of a dangerous journey as well as an inconvenience.

In fact, according to studies, it is known that three times more accidents occur at night than during the day.

Although the number of drivers who set off at night is small, most of the accidents happen at night.

As can be expected, we are not very successful in distinguishing colors at night and in terms of depth perception.

In addition, blurred eyes due to fatigue can invite accidents.

If you want to avoid such situations and use your vehicle comfortably at night, it is useful to pay attention to our recommendations.

Why Should You Drive Slower At Night?

Driving at night because you are tired causes poor reaction time, drowsiness at the wheel, and lack of attention. This can increase the risk of accidents. It is not recommended to drive at night if your sleep regimen is not good.

If you still have to drive at night, make sure you sleep well during the day and read our why should you drive slower at night article to the end.

Why Should You Drive Slower At Night?

Some useful information for driving at night:

  • Turning on your headlights when the day starts to give way to night, that is, in the early twilight hours, makes it easier for other drivers on the road to notice your vehicle and see your vehicle.
  • Consider reducing your speed and increasing your following distance while driving at night, as it will be more difficult to understand the speed of other vehicles and keep the distance between you and them in the dark. When you brake, you must be at a speed to stop in the area illuminated by your headlights in front.
  • If you are tired or sleepy, avoid driving at night. Tired people may have difficulty driving at night and may experience loss of concentration. In this case, if possible, postpone your travel time, if you cannot postpone it, make sure to take short breaks while driving. If you feel sleepy while driving on the road, park your vehicle in a suitable place and rest.

Adjust Your Headlights

Why Should You Drive Slower At Night

Your headlights may be unbalanced or lower than they should be.

It is important to adjust your headlights correctly in order to be able to use your vehicle more comfortably, especially in the dark.

Even if you set the lights correctly, sometimes you may not notice the lighting.

This is due to the dirt from the road sticking to your headlights. For this reason, do not forget to clean your headlights from time to time.

In most older vehicles, the outer surface of the headlights may turn yellow as the headlights are covered with plastic lenses.

In such a case, you can clean your headlights with headlight polish.

Keep The Instrument Panel Light Low

Keep The Instrument Panel Light Low

Take care to keep the lights of the instrument panel low while driving.

Because a high level of light will prevent you from seeing well ahead.

Map lights cause a similar situation.

If the source of the light is not visible from the driver’s seat, you have a good map light.

However, even if your map light is good, it is useful to keep the lights off when driving at night.

In addition, poor quality interior lights that scatter the light make it difficult for the driver to see the road.

Focus Completely On The Road

Focus Completely On The Road

It may be difficult for you to see animals that set off at night.

For this reason, be careful especially on forest and mountain roads, considering that there may be animals coming from outside the road.

Be Careful With Your Glasses

Be Careful With Your Glasses

If you wear glasses, keep them clean. Pollution that may occur on the glasses lenses will reduce your vision.

Avoid The Shining Lights

Avoid The Shining Lights

Shining lights on the road can distract you at night.

While you are used to driving on the dark road with the light of the instrument panel, the headlights of another vehicle approaching you may dazzle you.

If the high beams of the vehicle behind you are on, you can prevent the light from affecting your vision with the help of your rear view mirror.

Keep Fog Lights Low

Keep Fog Lights Low

Fog lamps are known for providing a comfortable ride by illuminating the front of the vehicle in foggy weather.

Since the fog is at a high distance from the ground, the fog lamps should not be too high and cause glare.

These lights can also be used when the weather is not foggy.

It relieves night vision as they emit stronger light than the headlights.

The fog lamps located close to the ground in front of the vehicle also help us to see the shadows of small stones and potholes in the road.

  • Especially some new or used cars have LED or Xenon headlights. These headlights provide a better light and field of vision as they are of much higher quality than the halogen lamp.
  • If your vehicle has a breakdown or other problem, try to pull your vehicle to the side of the road as much as possible and turn on the emergency lights. Place reflectors in front of and behind your car a certain distance away.
  • For your safety, make sure your seat belt is fastened along the way.

Take Care To Keep And Adjust Your Exterior Mirrors Clean

Take Care To Keep And Adjust Your Exterior Mirrors Clean

If your mirrors are dirty, the light reflected from the vehicle behind you can dazzle you.

This signals a dangerous journey. As soon as you realize this, you should clean your mirrors immediately.

If you are driving, you have a risk of accident.

In case of an accident, it is possible to solve your medical needs for yourself and your passengers with motor insurance.

There are differences in coverage between traffic insurance and motor insurance.

Car insurance not only protects your vehicle, but also protects you and the passengers.

In case of loss of life, injury or permanent disability of a person as a result of a traffic accident, motor insurance can also be used for treatment costs or lawsuits filed by the family of the deceased person.

If you know information that will benefit the driver, you can write this information in the comments section.

This will be useful for beginner drivers.

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