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What is Wish hand sanitizer And How Should It Be Used?

What is Wish Hand Sanitizer? Does the Wish Hand Sanitizer Have Risks? We will inform you about these.

Contrary to popular belief, choosing hand sanitizer products is not easy.

With the fear of swine flu, the consumption of antibacterial gels and soaps increased.

Few people used to use Pürel Hand Cleaning Gel, produced by Çarfarma since 1998.

With the swine flu, gels with new brands appeared on the market.

Do antibacterial (against bacteria) gels protect people from (infected by virus) swine flu?

Which gel works and which doesn’t? I will present what I have learned to my esteemed readers.

Antibacterial gels and soaps are “cosmetic products”.

It is not controlled like a drug.

The manufacturer has only to notify the Ministry of Health.

Does the content of the antibacterial gel destroy the bacteria or virus or not? There is no test study that tries this.

Therefore, the consumer will trust the manufacturer.

He will read the top of the box.

If in doubt, he will ask the manufacturer for information about clinical tests that show the safety of the product.

Bacteria is different, virus is different.

Let me first remind you of the difference between bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria are living, single-celled entities that can live on their own.

They reproduce by themselves.

Not all bacteria are harmful.

For example, beneficial bacteria provide the formation of yogurt and cheese.

They can also grow on inanimate surfaces.

Viruses that cause swine flu, colds and many other diseases are 10 to 100 times smaller than bacteria, multiplying by infecting living cells.

In order to live, they must enter the living being.

On inanimate surfaces, their lifespan is very short.

But when they enter living cells, they disrupt their structure.

There are chemicals such as ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and triclosan that destroy bacteria and viruses.

The most widely used of these substances is alcohol.

Alcohol above 70 degrees is generally used as a disinfectant.

Good quality colognes contain 80 degrees alcohol.

But alcohol and cologne are volatile.

In general, the cologne will fly away in 10 seconds.

In laboratory tests, it has been determined that bacteria and viruses are destroyed in 30 seconds under the influence of alcohol above 70 degrees.

Alcohol kills the virus

Here, the task and benefit of transparent, jelly-like mixtures called gels is to prolong the residence time of alcohol on hands and skin.

Instead of flying away in 10 seconds, alcohol stays on the hands and skin for more than 30 seconds and kills bacteria and viruses.

Please note: These explanations are for harmful bacteria and viruses transmitted by contact.

The gel cannot be of any use to bacteria and viruses that enter the body through the respiratory tract or with food and drink.

Wish Hand Sanitizer Is It Worth It?

Wish Hand Sanitizer

Yes! Most of those who used Wish Hand Sanitizer said they were satisfied with this disinfectant.

It smells good. Keep it out of the reach of your children.

How To Use Hand Cleaning Gel?

How To Use Hand Cleaning Gel?

Why are soap and alcohol hand sanitizers effective against coronavirus? It’s all about the type of virus we’re dealing with right now.

COVID-19 is a virus that has a protective layer around it.

This means that the RNA (nucleic acid – viral genetic material) is covered with a lipid (oily) layer.

Soap can dissolve this lipid layer, allowing the virus to break down and prevent it from attaching to our cells.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers work similarly, inactivating the virus by breaking down the lipid layer.

Which Hand Sanitizer Should You Buy?

Hand disinfectant, which is the most important among antibacterial products, must have at least 60% alcohol content in order to work.

Dr Primrose Freestone, professor of clinical microbiology at the University of Leicester, explains that a hand sanitizer needs an alcohol content of 60-95% to inactivate viruses, including COVID-19.

Most alcohol-based hand sanitizer gels contain one or more types of alcohol: ethanol, isopropanol – or a combination of the two.

You can check the label to see how much it contains.

When we checked the major brands, we noticed that according to the information on the product labels, the highest alcohol content was 70%, then 66%, 63%, 56.7% ethanol.

One downside of hand sanitizer is that it doesn’t work on sweaty, greasy or visibly dirty hands, and it needs a lot of use to completely cover the entire surface of your hands.

Frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer can irritate your skin, even if you use many moisturizers.


There is no harm in using the Wish Hand Sanitizer normally.

You shouldn’t use too much. You can buy from this link.

We have come to the end of our Wish hand sanitizer article.

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