Yoni Egg: Use, Benefits And Risks

Yoni means temple in Sanskrit and refers to the female genitalia.

A yoni egg is a natural egg-shaped stone that is placed inside the vagina and used to nourish the elastic and strong pelvic area.

These include the lower abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, urogenital cornea, and lower back.

Yoni Egg

What Are The Expected Effects Of Yoni Egg?

  • It can sharpen and activate the senses of the nerves in the vagina.
  • May increase overall life energy
  • It can increase stamina and sexual energy.
  • It can help to exercise the necessary muscles during childbirth and prevent muscle strength after birth.
  • It can help the secretion of body fluids to keep the vagina moist.
  • It can prevent uterine sagging and anal sagging due to weakening muscles around the pelvis.
  • It can prevent and alleviate urinary incontinence and incontinence.
  • It can increase blood flow around the pelvis to balance hormones and maintain youth.
  • It can help you gain a better orgasm feeling that you didn’t have before.
  • It can improve the quality of your overall health and well-being
  • It moisturizes the skin of the vagina and can increase the brightness of the skin.

How To Use Yoni Eggs?

It is very important to make sure that the yoni eggs placed in the vagina are certified, original and for the body.

The yoni egg, which has a tampon-shaped thread, can be applied to the vagina just as if placing a tampon.

And when it is desired to be removed, it can be easily removed from the vagina by holding the rope. However, it must be obtained under the control of a doctor and in consultation with a specialist.

Is Yoni Egg safe?

Most medical professionals agree that yoni eggs do not have any medicinal benefits and that using them can harm your vagina.

“Any foreign body can impair the function of your vagina, which can lead to an increased risk of complications,” says Dr. Kshettry.

Dimensions Of The Yoni Egg

Size M or L is recommended for beginners.

  • L size 49mm x 35mm
  • M size 45mm x 30mm
  • S size 40mm x 25mm
  • SS size 30mm x 20mm

Those who have had 3 or more normal deliveries, those who are worried about vaginal laxity and urinary incontinence → Large size

People who have no experience of sexual intercourse involving hardening or have difficulty inserting. If you want to try a smaller size → size S

Color, shape and length may vary slightly as it is handmade with natural materials.


Please do not use this product without consulting a gynecologist.

Kegel exercises are the only scientifically proven method for vaginal tightening.

The introduction of unknown objects into the vagina can cause many diseases, especially inflammation.


If you are not in the habit of tightening your vagina, yoni eggs may come out when you laugh or sneeze.

Use it at home until you get used to it, gradually when you have time, or while taking a bath or sleeping. Using it while doing housework is also a natural exercise.

After getting used to it, try using it when going outside or doing light exercises like yoga.

In any case, listen to your body and make a comfortable choice. Through the yoni egg, you can develop a sense of deepening your connection with yourself.


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