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How Long Do Flies Live? Interesting Facts About Flies

There are about 1 million species of flies that are biplanes (black fly, horse fly).

But only 150,000 species are known.

How Long Do Flies Live before moving on to the question, let’s look at some strange information about flies.

Houseflies Can See Behind Them

How Long Do Flies Live

The species we call Musca domestica, or housefly, has 4,000 small eyes.

Each of these eyes functions like a single eye and focuses on separate points.

Objects seen are made meaningful in the brain.

Thanks to these small eyes, they can also see behind them.

A Cheese Filled With Larvae: Casu Marzu

This cheese, which belongs to the Sardinia region of Italy, is eaten with the larvae. The cheese fly, Piophila casei, is used in the production of Casu Marzu.

After keeping the cheeses in heat for a few days and allowing the flies to lay larvae, the cheese becomes soft and its aroma is fully given thanks to the substances released as a result of the digestive activities of the fly larvae.

European Union officials banned the sale of this cheese for a while, but this ban was lifted on the grounds that cheese is a local product made with traditional methods.

Some Fly Species Consume Substances Such As Paint And Shoe Polish.

Megaselia Scalaris larvae are omnivorous. In other words, they do not have a specific preference in terms of food.

Apart from substances such as paint and polish, they also feed on some wounds and corpses.

Their Mouths Consist Of 4 Different Parts

Like all insects, flies also have a segmented body structure.

Their mouths also consist of labrum, labium, mandible and maxilla structures.

The labrum upper lip, labium lower lip, mandible upper jaw and maxillary lower jaw perform their functions.

Some Species Are Used In Forensic Entomology

Calliphora vicina is just one of the forensically guiding species.

This species is quite common on human corpses.

They lay their larvae in abundance on rotting corpses.

When the growth stage of the insect is determined, we can say the exact time of death of the corpse.

Deprived Of Mating, The Male Fruit Fly Indulges In Alcohol

Experiments were conducted at the University of San Francisco to test the relationship between stress and alcohol on fruit flies.

It has been observed that the male fly, which was rejected by the female that had previously mated, started to drink the alcoholic solution when an alcoholic and non-alcoholic solution was placed in its environment. It is believed that he displayed this behavior to satisfy his desire.

At the same time, it is known that they turn to alcohol with the decrease of neuropeptide F, a chemical in the brain.

This chemical, which is also found in humans, is thought to have the same effect.

When this substance decreases, the brain directs it to exhibit a behavior that will increase its chemical ratio.

If You Drank Beer, The Mosquito May Be More Willing To Bite You

Beer and fly

Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide from about 22,000 meters.

Carbon dioxide is a food cue for female mosquitoes, as it is the respiratory product of animals, and they find humans through the diffusion of their breath.

Apart from this, they can also detect lactic acid and octenol.

If you drank beer, they could follow the lactic acid in your breath and find you.

Flies Don’t Have Teeth

Instead of teeth, they have a long tongue called “proboscis”.

In this way, they feed by absorbing substances such as blood and nectar.

If They’re Flying Over Your Food, They May Have Vomited On Them

You might be asking how they eat our food because they don’t have teeth.

After leaving an acidic vomit on the solid material they will consume, this acid digests the solid food in a way that they can take and turns it into a liquid.

In this way, they also feed by sucking them.

Rubbing Their Limbs Also Affects Their Flirting

They do this to get rid of physical and chemical debris and to clear their olfactory receptors.

Odor receptors are especially important when choosing a mate.

Some Fly Bites Can Be Deadly

Tsetse Fly

The parasite Trypanosoma brucei, which causes sleeping sickness, is a creature carried by the tsetse fly.

When the tsetse fly stings you, this parasite mixes with the blood and causes sleeping sickness.

After this disease continues with hidden symptoms for a certain period of time, continuous sleep and coma are seen in its final stages.

No drug tNo cure has yet been found for this disease.

They Can Even Mate In The Air If Necessary.

Simosyrphus grandicornis is a species native to Australia.

This species mates even in the air.

I know I’ve made our article too long, but they’re all interesting facts to know about flies.

Now let’s come to the most important question of our article.

How Long Do Flies Live?

Houseflies live an average of 28 days, while Culex pipiens live an average of 7 days.

This estimation varies depending on where the fly is located.

house flies reproduce more actively in summer

Did you know that house flies reproduce all year round?

How Long Do Fruit Flies Live?

The life span a fly can live may vary depending on its species.

Fruit flies can live a little longer than house flies.

These flies can live for 40 to 50 days.

They can mate and reproduce like house flies.

A female fruit fly can lay up to 500 eggs.

Can Flies Lay Eggs On Your Skin?

Some fly species lay their eggs on human or animal skins. Some fly species can lay their eggs in wounds.

How Can You Keep Flies Away From Your Home?

Instead of chemical drugs and sprays, natural methods to remove them from your home can help you effectively fight houseflies.

Houseflies, like other flies, hate the smell of lavender.

Growing lavender or putting a bouquet of fresh lavender in a vase, burning lavender oil on the windowsill will help repel houseflies.

The sharp aroma that emerges when the scent of cloves and oranges combine is enough to disturb the flies.

Squeeze about 20 cloves into the peel of an orange and place them in the areas where they come in.

Basil is effective in preventing fly infestations in the home.

Flies do not like the smell of this plant and they leave the environment because they get this smell.

For this reason, you can prevent them from coming by placing the basil plant in front of your window, or you can make tea with its leaves and fill it in a spray bottle and spray it on the flies.

If these techniques do not work, you can get help from pest control services.

Are House Flies Dangerous?

Houseflies carry millions of bacteria and can cause illness when they bite humans.

House flies can carry many diseases such as typhoid fever, tuberculosis, cholera and dysentery.


House flies have different life cycles, so if you ignore them, they can multiply quickly in a short time.

The lifespan of a fly varies between 7 and 28 days.

Sugar is in the first place among the food sources of flies.

If you have a fly problem and you cannot prevent this problem, you should definitely get professional help.

The larval stage and life stage of mosquitoes are different.

Mosquito eggs larva (worm) cuts the egg from the lower surface with the help of cutters in the head and comes out.

When flies come out of their shells, they come out in fully grown form, not as juveniles.

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