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Cemsid Esedov

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  • Medicines starting with TTexa Pills

    Texa Pills: Side Effects, Use, Dosage

    Texa pills come in 10 mg tablets and are sold in Aluminum/PVC blister packs of 10, 30 or 500 tablets. Texa Syrup is a Type 3 amber glass bottle with a white polyethylene cap. Pack sizes are 50 ml, 150 ml and 200 ml. Even if your symptoms are the…

  • Medicines starting with GGml Apeti Pills

    How To Use Gml Apeti Pills And What Are The Side Effects?

    What you need to know before using Gml Apeti Pills. You may not need Medicines to Gain Weight. In recent years, weight gaining or weakening pills, mixtures or powders have become very fashionable. Weight gain pills, which have different types such as those that directly affect the nervous system, those…

  • PlantFrench Lavender

    What is French Lavender and How is it Grown?

    French Lavender is a medicinal herb that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It belongs to the lavender plant family. Its Latin name is lavandula stoechas. In World War I, it was used to heal and disinfect wounds. French Lavender has many benefits for physical and mental health.…

  • PlantBergamot Tree

    What is Bergamot Tree? How to Care for This Plant?

    Although bergamot is commonly known as a flavoring, it is a food on its own. Bergamot, which has a sour taste, has been used in alternative medicine since ancient times. This tree is hardy and is a citrus variety. So what is the bergamot orange tree, where and how does…

  • PlantFushia

    What is Fushia Plant And How Should It Be Taken Care Of?

    We will tell you about a beauty that we do not see in our daily life. It is much different from the flowers we are used to with its color and stance. What kind of flower is Fushia, which has given the name “Earring Flower” with its pendulous appearance? How…

  • HealthSweet Potatoes

    Are Sweet Potatoes Good For You?

    We will try to answer the question Are Sweet Potatoes Good For You. The consumption of sweet potato, which benefits psychological diseases such as stress and insomnia, has started to increase in our country in recent years. We searched for questions about sweet potatoes, which are high in sugar. Sweet…

  • Medicines starting with FFenistil Gel

    What is Fenistil Gel? How To Use This Gel Properly?

    What is Fenistil Gel? What does Fenistil gel do? Effective in terms of skin care, this cream contains an active ingredient that belongs to a group of drugs called antihistamines. This product, whose active ingredient is dimetinden maleate, is used to relieve itching associated with skin reactions such as skin…

  • Medicines starting with WWish Hand Sanitizer

    What is Wish hand sanitizer And How Should It Be Used?

    What is Wish Hand Sanitizer? Does the Wish Hand Sanitizer Have Risks? We will inform you about these. Contrary to popular belief, choosing hand sanitizer products is not easy. With the fear of swine flu, the consumption of antibacterial gels and soaps increased. Few people used to use Pürel Hand…

  • Medicines starting with Eespumisan

    What is Espumisan Medicine? What Are The Side Effects?

    Read this entire leaflet carefully as it contains important information for you.This medicine is available without a prescription. However, you must use this medicine carefully to get the best results. Keep this brochure. You may need to read it again.Ask your pharmacist if you need more information or advice.If symptoms…

  • Calculation36.6 c to f

    36.6 c to f: Calculation, Golden Recommendations 100%

    36.6 c to f: How is it calculated? Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit is not as difficult as it seems. Fahrenheit Fahrenheit is a thermodynamic temperature scale where the freezing point is 32 degrees Fahrenheit (° F) and the boiling point is 212 ° F (at standard atmospheric pressure). If you…

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