Cemsid Esedov

Cemsid Esedov

I have been writing articles in the health category for almost 2 years. In my spare time, I like to learn about psychology, drugs, the human body, diseases and their treatments.
  • DrugsFenistil Gel

    What is Fenistil Gel? How To Use This Gel Properly?

    What is Fenistil Gel? What does Fenistil gel do? Effective in terms of skin care, this cream contains an active ingredient that belongs to a group of drugs called antihistamines. This product, whose active ingredient is dimetinden maleate, is used to relieve itching associated with skin reactions such as skin…

  • Useful InformationsWish Hand Sanitizer

    What is Wish hand sanitizer And How Should It Be Used?

    What is Wish Hand Sanitizer? Does the Wish Hand Sanitizer Have Risks? We will inform you about these. Contrary to popular belief, choosing hand sanitizer products is not easy. With the fear of swine flu, the consumption of antibacterial gels and soaps increased. Few people used to use Pürel Hand…

  • Drugsespumisan

    What is Espumisan Drug? What Are The Side Effects?

    Be sure to read this entire article carefully as it contains important information for you. It may be an over-the-counter drug, but you should not use it unless your doctor recommends it. For best results, be sure to use the medication as directed by your doctor. Ask your pharmacist if…

  • DrugsSockit Gel

    What Is Sockit Gel? What Is It Used For?

    What is Sockit Gel? What does it do? Ointment helps wound healing and promotes optimal healing. The side effects of this ointment, which is effective on oral wounds, are unknown and no studies have been conducted on side effects. Sockit oral hydrogel wound dressing is natural and does not contain…

  • DrugsExoderil

    What Is Exoderil (Naftifine) Cream Used For?

    Exoderil cream, whose name we have heard frequently recently, is very successful in removing nail fungus, fungal infections and problems caused by bacteria. The medicine contains a substance called benzyl alcohol. How to use Exoderil cream, a very effective drug that is applied locally to the skin? What does Exoderil…

  • DrugsHydramed Eye Drops

    Hydramed Eye Drops: Things To Consider When Using

    If your eyes are hypersensitive to wind or heat and they easily itch and become irritated, chances are you have a syndrome called dry eye. What is Hydramed Eye Drops? Hydramed eye drops are lubricating and have incredible effects. If your eyes are dry, all you have to do is…

  • Drugsaclovir cream

    Aclovir Cream: Usage, Side effects, Doses

    Cold sores do not always occur, but they do not pose a risk. If you have cold sores, you can use aclovir cream under doctor’s supervision. Can aclovir cream be applied to the lips? What are the active ingredients of aclovir cream? What should I do if I forget to…

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