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I am a freelance writer specializing in stories about health, mental health, medical news, astrology, animal care, medicines and useful information. I write all the articles I write with empathy and accuracy, and I have the ability to connect with readers in an insightful and engaging way. I love hiking and making new friends. If you like my articles, you can follow me on Instagram.
  • DreamsWhat Does Flying In A Dream Mean Spiritually

    What Does Flying In A Dream Mean Spiritually? 

    Flying is the most common dream. People feel free and many people often fly in their dreams. Of course, the interpretations of dream scholars about what this dream means are also curious. Flying in a dream is very pleasant. Many dreams are seen in this regard, such as flying over…

  • DreamsShot-At-In-Dreams

    Being Shot At In Dreams: What Does It Mean?

    Everyone who sees a gun in their dream wakes up with fear from these dreams. But gun-themed dreams are generally interpreted as good. However, dream interpretations vary according to the way the gun was shot. Being shot with a gun in a dream means purity, cleanliness, good morals, finding peace.…

  • HealthShaki Food

    Shaki Food: What Are The Benefits? When Is It Harmful?

    Shaki meat, also known as tripe, is organ meat, or offal, made up of consumable stomach tissues of farm animals. Organ meats are meats that have been consumed since ancient times and are a concentrated source of nutrients. The demand for organ meats has also increased recently, as pre-modern eating…

  • Sex LifeHow To Make A Man Cry In Bed

    How To Make A Man Cry In Bed? (Comprehensive Guide)

    Our ancestors used to say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Maybe it’s because they don’t know or because they are ashamed. The truth is that the way to a man’s heart actually goes about 10 to 15 inches below his stomach. But there are…

  • HealthCracked Nipple

    Cracked Nipple: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

    Experts state that the formation of cracked nipples, which can often be seen in breastfeeding mothers, can sometimes be very disturbing and may cause the mother to avoid breastfeeding and ultimately the baby not getting enough of breast milk. Nipple cracks can be encountered during the entire breastfeeding period, especially…

  • HealthPsoriasis

    Psoriasis: Causes, Treatment Methods And Risk Factors

    Psoriasis, which is classified as an autoimmune (affecting the immune system) disease, is defined as a condition in which skin cells in the body multiply 2-3 times faster than normal. The life cycle of skin cells is around 30 days in people who do not have any disease. However, in…

  • Healthkegel exercise 1

    Kegel Exercise: Benefits (Women And Men)

    Kegel exercise, which strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, is beneficial in preventing urinary incontinence, facilitating normal birth, and facilitating orgasm by increasing the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Kegel exercise, which consists of contraction and relaxation movements, can be done quickly at any time and in desired places. These exercises, which…

  • HealthHCH-Piercing

    HCH Piercing (Horizontal Clitoral Hood)

    Horizontal Clitoral Hood

  • HealthLymph Bubble On Nipple Piercing

    Lymph Bubble On Nipple Piercing: Cause And Treatment

    Nipple piercing is a trending fashion accessory among men and women. It is a sensual and daring item, but it takes courage from those who decide to use it. This type of piercing is often done horizontally, but vertical types are also available. Depending on the person’s own decision, the…

  • Healthexpel the sperm from the body fast

    How To Get Sperm Out Of Your Body Fast?

    Both male and female individuals may try to remove sperm from their bodies for a variety of reasons, and this is usually to avoid unwanted pregnancy or other health risks. In addition to focusing on pleasure, living passion or following fantasies about sexuality, there is another factor that affects health:…

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