Medicines starting with A

  • Acxion

    Acxion Pill: 10 Golden Tips For Natural Weight Loss

    Acxion Phentermine is a drug similar to amphetamine with its pharmacological effect. Acxion Phentermine 30 mg is often used in the treatment of obesity. Choosing a diet pill is not an easy task than you think. Obesity patients can use this drug with the advice of this doctor. In pharmacies,…

  • aclovir cream

    What Is Aclovir Cream Used For Herpes?

    Cold sores do not always occur, but they do not pose a risk. If you have cold sores, you can use aclovir cream under doctor’s supervision. Can aclovir cream be applied to the lips? What are the active ingredients of aclovir cream? What should I do if I forget to…

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