Medicines starting with G

  • Gelmicin Cream

    What Does Gelmicin Cream Do? What Are The Side Effects?

    What is Gelmicin Cream? We will try to answer this question. This formula is indicated for the removal of skin inflammation, irritation, sunburn, scratches caused by diapers. Betamethasone, Clotrimazole, and Gentamicin cream is an anti-inflammatory and healing cream. Gentamicin provides anti-inflammatory treatment of the affected skin and helps you repair…

  • Gml Apeti Pills

    How To Use Gml Apeti Pills And What Are The Side Effects?

    What you need to know before using Gml Apeti Pills. You may not need Medicines to Gain Weight. In recent years, weight gaining or weakening pills, mixtures or powders have become very fashionable. Weight gain pills, which have different types such as those that directly affect the nervous system, those…

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