Does Losing Weight Increase Size?

The penis is the male genitalia. The penis consists of three main parts:

  • The head of the penis
  • Two rod-like structures that allow the penis to harden,
  • The urethra allows urine to be expelled

The penis can be of different lengths and thicknesses congenitally.

What Is The Ideal Penis Size For Women?

In a questionnaire, women were asked about their ideal penis size, and women said that the ideal length of penis for one-time intercourse = 6.4 inches/16.3 cm (1).

There is one more thing that should not be forgotten.

The touch of the penis to the cervix is enough for the woman to enjoy it.

This means that 9.6 cm of the penis during sexual intercourse is enough for the satisfaction of the woman.

Why Do People Want To Enlarge The Penis?

Patients who need penis enlargement due to pornographic films, etc., although their penis is of normal size are called dysmorphic patients.

The patient may be obsessed with the imperfections in his penis that are not actually present, such as worrying about minor defects in different organs.

Although it is normal length, it may want to stretch it even more. In these cases, the patient should be informed in more detail and psychiatric consultation should be requested.

The person should be guided to make the right decision about penis enlargement.

However, if desired, it is possible to lengthen the penis by cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis.

In patients with congenital penile curvature (hypospadias), penile curvature also causes penile shortness.

These types of patients who apply to hospitals are mostly patients who have had more than 1 surgery before.

In such cases, the harmful tissues caused by the previous unsuccessful operation are removed with a new operation.

Since the curvature of the penis is also corrected, the penis becomes longer.

Congenital sunken penis disease also causes shortness of the penis. If the impaction is removed with surgery, the penis reaches its normal size.

After prostate cancer surgery, the anatomy of the vessels feeding the penis deteriorates and the penis may shrink by 2 cm.

At the same time, hardening loss occurs. Such patients are provided with a “happiness stick” surgery called Penile Prosthesis, allowing them to reach their normal sexual lives.

Thanks to the transverse and longitudinal expansion of the Penile Prosthesis, the penis reaches both length and overcomes the erection problem.

Peyronie’s disease is a disease that calcifies the spongy bodies of the penis.

The penis becomes smaller because of this disease.

Hardening loss appears. The penile prosthesis, which can expand transversely and extend longitudinally, provides size and hardening.

Penis Enlargement Methods

There are various methods of penis enlargement.

There is no medical basis for methods such as drugs and vacuum in penis enlargement.

Patients should not care about these unrealistic methods.

The most effective way of penis enlargement is penis enlargement surgery.

Apart from this, even if the Penis Extender lengthens the penis in the long term, it is not a viable treatment method.

Medication, Vacuum And Penis Exercises In Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is definitely not performed by any method other than penis enlargement surgery and “penis extender”.

Treatments such as penis enlargement with drugs, penis enlargement with vacuum devices and penis enlargement with penis exercises only make the penis hard.

Apart from this, it has no penis enlargement effect.

This issue is abused for the purpose of making money on the internet. It is stated by experts that people should not believe in such deceptions.

Penis Extender

Penis Extender

The principle is to enlarge the penis by placing 2 rings on the root and head of the penis and stretching it.

This device is kept taut on the penis for 6-8 hours a day. This treatment is continued for 6 months.

This tool enlarges the penis size by 2-3 cm at the end of 6 months.

However, it is not a viable treatment because the tool is difficult to use. The vast majority of patients refuse this treatment.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The skin of the penis is cut and stripped down to the root. The suspensory ligament at the root of the penis is reached. The ligament should be cut completely, not partially.

Filling material should be put in order to prevent it from sticking again over time.

If necessary, excess fat in the pubis area is removed and the penis is exposed.

The skin of the penis is sutured again. In this way, the operation scar is not visible from the outside.

Thanks to the penis enlargement surgery, the penis grows up to 2–4 cm.

Does Losing Weight Increase Size?

Losing weight will not increase the size of your penis, but the weight you will lose may help you to make your penis appear longer by causing the fat in your groin to melt.

Penis Enlargement Surgery In Obese

Buried penile surgery is applied to obese patients to lengthen the penis.

With aging and weight gain, the penis with normal penis size can become a sunken penis.

A buried penis occurs due to both the effect of gravity and the accumulation of fat around the lower abdomen and penis root. The penis may look like a button.

According to the degree of obesity, the buried penis is corrected by surgery.

For this, the fat tissue under the navel and around the penis is completely removed along with the skin.

At the end of the surgery, the buried penis is corrected and the penis size returns to normal.

The scar due to fat removal in buried penis surgery can be aesthetically disturbing.

If you are wondering how to stop masturbation, this article can help you.


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