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How Do The Actors Cry Due To The Role During The Filming?

Tears are very successful in enhancing the dramatic effect of the scene. Therefore, when necessary, players may be asked to produce tears. Considering the length and repetition of the scene, producing tears and using them correctly has become a skill.

Skilled players can produce tears in their own unique ways. For example, focusing on a point without blinking, watering the eyes or crying thinking about bad memories, etc. However, players who are not successful in crying naturally should also be able to produce tears using different methods.

How Do The Actors Cry?

How Do The Actors Cry

The methods listed below are often used by actors to cry during filming:

  • Eye Drops – Eye drops are readily available from pharmacies. These drops, which are used for the treatment of dry eyes, both make the eye weep and help to effectively show the teardrops leaking from the eye.
  • Vaseline – Applying petroleum jelly or a petroleum jelly-based product under the eyes will help you look like you’ve cried a lot. If this vaseline is menthol, you can shed tears for a long time.
  • Tear Stick/Menthol Stick – The tear stick is a wax stick containing menthol and camphor extracts. When you apply the tear swab to the skin (approximately 15 mm below the eye), real tears are produced by the camphor vapors coming into the eye.
  • Tear Puffer – Tear Puffer is an acrylic glass tube filled with menthol crystals. Cotton wool acts as a filter at one end and a mouthpiece at the other. If the tube is positioned and blown approximately 10 cm from the player’s eye with the cotton end facing the player, the menthol vapors will reveal real tears and red eyes.
  • Plucking Nose Hair – Pulling the nose hairs with a pair of tweezers allows you to produce tears very quickly.
  • Looking Method – In this method, the player starts with their eyes closed and then rubs their eyes (not too hard). When they open their eyes, they focus on one point without blinking. For most players, eyes start to water around 30 seconds.

While the actor is crying, he should not care about how he looks. He should only focus on his role. In the tear scene, the methods are just about watering the eye. Sobbing or lip trembling while crying are things that should be implemented by the actor according to the scenario.

These practices can be applied by the actor himself or done under the control of someone who will assist on set. For example, just before the start of the scene, an attendant puts eye drops into the eyes and makes the scene ready. In this way, the continuity of the film remains intact.

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