What Is A Breeding Fetish?

A Breeding fetish is a strong craving for the idea of getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant.

Usually this fetish involves someone with a penis ejaculating onto someone with a womb without contraception.

People with a breeding fetish do not care about risks with current pleasure. Sometimes they take pleasure in this kind of risk.

Some people do not exaggerate this fetish and take the necessary precautions (condom, birth control pill, etc.).

That is, they daydream and enjoy it as if they were enjoying the moment.

But for some people, the reproductive fetish involves the exchange of bodily fluids.

Such situations can cause an unwanted pregnancy as well as invite sexually transmitted diseases.

When Is A Breeding Fetish a Problem?

Breeding fetish can cause serious problems for you when there are no contraceptive methods (condom, birth control pill, etc.).

Hormones secreted during sexual intercourse can cause us to think clearly in some cases.

Just like some people regret after wanking.

With that instant pleasure, you can place your seeds in your partner’s ovaries without using the barrier method.

This results in your partner getting pregnant.

This is not a good thing and such situations are called Fetishistic Disorder.

How To Control Breeding Fetish?

There are several ways to keep your fetish under control.

You can start by trying the steps listed below:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – Sex therapists trained in cognitive behavioral therapy use cognitive restructuring techniques to identify and change thoughts and behaviors. Avoidance therapy or directed images are used to reduce interest. Scientific studies show that cognitive behavior therapy is an effective treatment for Fetishism Disorder.
  • Medication – Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as fluoxetine or prodrug not only treat mood disorders such as anxiety or depression, but can also be used for Fetishism Disorder. People taking any drugs from the SSRI drug class experience sexual side effects in some cases. One of these side effects is a decrease in sexual desire. Sex therapists may recommend the use of such drugs in some cases.


Breeding fetish is harmless when kept under control and does not require any treatment.

But in some cases, the person does not want to use the barrier method and loves to take risks.

Such situations can lead to unwanted pregnancies.

So if you have a reproductive fetish, stay in control during sex or be sure to use barrier methods.

The “desirable” sexual intercourse will take 13 minutes, but you may regret it for a lifetime.

Taking precautions will prevent your future regrets.

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