Are Breast Lift Scars Temporary?

Remember that only your doctor can give the best advice on plastic surgeries.

Breast augmentation and lift surgery is a procedure used to reshape the chest circumference with various implants carefully placed under the breast tissue.

This process gives the breasts a larger, harder and upright appearance.

Breast augmentation and lift surgery is generally used to restore breast volume and shape after sudden weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Breast augmentation and lift surgery is a very effective way to add volume and symmetry to the breasts.

Implants placed under the breast tissue help the person achieve a fuller and more attractive upper body image.

Breast implants are usually placed through small incisions made in inconspicuous areas.

In these incisions, the place of placement of the breast implant, the care of the surgeon and the care of the person before and after the operation are very important in order to avoid scars after the procedure and to obtain a smooth and natural appearance.

Breast augmentation and lift surgery may involve different techniques.

The natural breast shape of the person, how much tissue he has and other factors specific to his anatomy are effective in determining which option is suitable for him.

Breast Lift Scars

Different Techniques Leave Different Traces

Breast augmentation and lift surgery may involve many different techniques, depending on the condition and expectations of the person.

Typically, the fewer corrections that need to be made in the area, the fewer incisions will be made, meaning the person will have fewer scars after the procedure.

Silicone-containing bandages are applied after breast augmentation and lift surgery.

These bandages are applied immediately after the surgeon closes the incisions.

The incisions made during cosmetic surgery are usually thin and do not leave a large visible scar.

A red, raised line may appear along the edges of the incision for a short time after the wounds have healed.

Over time, the color of the scar should first turn pink and then white, and the tissues should flatten.

Scars seen after breast augmentation and lift surgery tend to be more prominent in very dark or light-skinned people.

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Breast Lift Scars 2

What can I Do To Reduce Breast Lift Scars?

Breast augmentation and lift surgery, like all operations involving incisions, leaves scars.

However, the visibility of your traces is a state over which the person has control.

As the healing process continues, the stitch marks will inevitably heal over time.

They should continue to fade and smooth with proper care.

First of all, not smoking before the procedure is very important to reduce the risk of scar tissue formation that can be seen after breast augmentation.

After breast augmentation and lift surgery, the person should keep the incision sites clean, wear compression garments, and closely follow the doctor’s instructions before and after the surgery.

Following these instructions carefully will make the healing period easier and will help to lighten the visible scars.

In addition, scars may become more prominent when people are exposed to direct sunlight.

The person should make sure to use sunscreen every day.

Sunscreen can be used as soon as the incision is completely healed and sun exposure should be avoided until the healing period is complete.

Even if the incisions are not exposed to direct sunlight after the procedure, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can penetrate the person’s shirt or bikini top.

Using sunscreen will help prevent scUsing sunscreen will help prevent Breast Lift Scars from darkening in the sun.

Avoiding behaviors such as scratching, rubbing or smoking after breast augmentation and lift surgery will prevent scars from getting worse.

Tanning darkens the scar tissue, making the scars more visible.

In addition, the person should avoid heavy lifting and heavy physical activities for the first six weeks after surgery.

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You can get more information about minimizing scarring from your doctor.

If you have more pain, you can ask your doctor to prescribe scar gel.

In the Anchor Breast Lift method, areola and breast scars are usually hidden.

Contrary to popular belief, breast lift surgery is not a difficult procedure and if attention is paid, the treatment period is short and easy.

Sometimes breast lift scars flatten and fade, but irregular treatment can cause permanent scars.

If you have just given birth, you can start by learning what a mommy makeover is instead of breast augmentation.

If you are going to have breast augmentation surgery, be sure to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon.

IIf you have just given birth, you can consider tummy tuck and breast reduction with the recommendation of your doctor.

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Reduce Scars After Breast Augmentation

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Patients should not take aspirin before surgery, if used, it should be discontinued 7-8 days before.

There should be no infection in any part of the body.

In patients over the age of forty, mammographic examination should be performed before surgery, especially if there is a family history of breast cancer.

After the surgery is decided, a detailed interview is made with the patient and the patient’s expectations are determined.

The risks of the surgery are explained.

Also, if smoking, it should be stopped 10 days before.

It has been determined by many foreign scientific studies that breast prosthesis does not cause cancer.

In these studies, patients who were followed up for a long time such as 20-30 years were examined and it was determined that the rate of occurrence of breast cancer in patients with breast prosthesis was not different and even slightly lower than in normal women.

When breast augmentation surgery is performed by an experienced Plastic Surgeon, the probability of complications is very low. Complications include capsular contracture, infection (inflammation), and bleeding.

You can reduce these risks by strictly following your surgeon’s recommendations before and after surgery.

Very rarely, infection may occur in the prosthesis socket.

In this case, it is primarily treated with antibiotics.

If the infection persists, the prosthesis may need to be removed and replaced. Breast prosthesis does not prevent pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The breast prosthesis can only be torn, punctured or leaked from the gel material very rarely as a result of penetrating penetrating object.

In this case, the prosthesis is replaced.

Breast prosthesis does not cause cancer.

However, in cases of mass that may occur later, it may complicate mammography.

It would be appropriate to work with an experienced radiologist in this regard.

The incision to be used for the placement of the prosthesis can be made around the nipple or from the lower line of the breast.

Very thin stitches are used to minimize scarring.

In very rare cases where neither is suitable, an incision can be made under the armpit.

An incision can be made around the nipple. In this case, less traces remain.

However, for this method, the nipple ring must be larger than a certain diameter.

In cases where it is smaller, an incision under the breast can be used.

Since there is a discoloration zone in the incision made around the nipple, the scar is much more obscure.

In order for the incision to be made around the teat, the teat ring must be of a certain diameter.

If the diameter is insufficient, it may be preferable to make the incision under the breast.

There may be a feeling of tiredness for a few days after surgery. This situation resolves in 24-48 hours.

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Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

The next day after the surgery, the dressing is reduced and a bra is put on.

There may be a burning sensation around the breast for a week or two.

Breast physical contact for 2-3 weeks may be tender and painful.

This situation takes 3-4 weeks at the most.

Stitches are removed in 10-12 days.

Breast Lift Scars can stay pink for up to 6 weeks, then gradually turn white.

If a mammographic examination is required, it can be done at appropriate intervals.

In a study conducted on 3000 patients in the USA, when the rates of breast cancer formation in the last 20 years were examined in patients who had breast prostheses and those who did not undergo surgery, no difference was found between the two groups.

In fact, the rate of breast cancer formation was found to be slightly lower in patients who underwent prostheses.

As a result, breast augmentation surgery is one of our most pleasing surgeries where we get immediate results.

However, it is recommended that the surgery be performed by an experienced Plastic Surgeon to get a good result.

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