Jamshid Esedov

Jamshid Esedov

I am a freelance writer specializing in stories about health, mental health, medical news, astrology, animal care, medicines and useful information. I write all the articles I write with empathy and accuracy, and I have the ability to connect with readers in an insightful and engaging way. You can click the Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn buttons to contact me.
  • HealthHealthy Weight Gain

    Healthy Weight Gain: Everything To Watch Out For

    Do you know that gaining weight can be much more difficult than losing weight? Those who want to gain weight, those who say that no matter what I eat but cannot gain weight, I’m sure they will understand me very well. The basic mathematics of gaining weight and losing weight…

  • HealthWhy Can't I lose Weight

    Why Can’t I lose Weight? 10 Tips To Lose Weight

    Some people are uncomfortable with their excess weight but have difficulty losing weight. Most of this is usually due to the living conditions of the person, but in some cases, problems in your metabolism may also prevent you from losing weight. The following list lists the most common problems people…

  • HealthHow Should Genital Area Cleaning Be Done

    How Should Genital Area Cleaning Be Done?

    The genital area is among the most sensitive parts of the body in both men and women. For this reason, the hygiene of the genital area should always be ensured. Especially during genital area cleaning, it is necessary to follow the right steps and be meticulous. If the genital area…

  • HealthVaginal Douche

    What Is A Vaginal Douche? What Are The Harms?

    Vaginal douching is an ancient and traditional practice in which women apply liquid into the vagina using a finger or a material for cleaning or treatment purposes. Vaginal douching, which is common among women, is affected by age, ethnicity, education level and socioeconomic status. Women do vaginal douching to feel…

  • HealthTreat Acne

    How to Treat Acne? What Should Be Considered?

    The things on the face, neck, back and trunk, caused by the activity of the sebaceous glands, seen as puffy from the skin, and can be inflamed from time to time are called acne. It is the most common dermatological disease in adolescence. It occurs in most individuals aged 12-18…

  • Useful InformationsHow Do The Actors Cry

    How Do The Actors Cry Due To The Role During The Filming?

    Tears are very successful in enhancing the dramatic effect of the scene. Therefore, when necessary, players may be asked to produce tears. Considering the length and repetition of the scene, producing tears and using them correctly has become a skill. Skilled players can produce tears in their own unique ways.…

  • HealthMetal Brackets After

    Metal Braces: Advantages and disadvantages

    Often also called “conventional braces,” metal braces have two basic components. These are metal brackets applied to the tooth and bendable metal wire passed through the brackets. It moves the teeth by applying pressure to the teeth. These metal braces are a method preferred by most pediatric patients. Fixed Orthodontic…

  • HealthTeeth With Braces

    What Is Teeth With Braces And How Is It Worn?

    If you are going to wear teeth with braces, you must first have a general dentist examination. Before orthodontic treatment, your oral hygiene should be raised to the best possible standards. If there is caries in the existing teeth, it will be difficult to interfere with the caries during the…

  • HealthIs Lemon Water Bad For Your Teeth

    Is Lemon Water Bad For Your Teeth?

    A glass of lemon water in the morning has become an increasingly common habit, especially in people with stomach problems. In fact, scientific studies confirm the health benefits of drinking lemon water. The positive effects of lemon on human health are listed below: Aids digestionContains plenty of vitamins and minerals…

  • Sex LifeAmazon Position

    Amazon Position: Add A Change To Your Sex Life!

    Some sexual positions can be self-explanatory, like cowgirl or doggy style. But others like the amazon position require a detailed explanation. I don’t really know where the name comes from, but I dare to assume since woman traditionally plays a more dominant role like Amazon wars. It’s not a position…

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