Cemsid Esedov

Cemsid Esedov

I have been writing articles in the health category for almost 2 years. In my spare time, I like to learn about psychology, drugs, the human body, diseases and their treatments.
  • DrugsCan You Take DayQuil At Night

    Can You Take DayQuil At Night?

    The common cold is a disease that can happen to people of all ages, and it is a disease that needs attention and usually does not pose a risk. At the end of our article, we will give you some ideas on how you can heal yourself naturally at home…

  • Healthmiralax

    Miralax Dosage In Teaspoons: Miralax Powder Dosage

    Chronic constipation can sometimes become a very annoying disease. If you have problems with your intestines, getting examined by a doctor will help you understand what is causing your illness. Please note that you can use Miralax laxative with the advice of the doctor (This applies to all other drugs,…

  • DrugsReparil Gel

    Reparil Gel: Side Effects, Price, Instructions For Use

    Reparil gel is a gel containing 1% escin and 5% 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, N-ethylenetanamine salt (diethylamine salicylate). Please note that you should only use this gel if your doctor has prescribed it. Below we will also cite sources for you to rely on the information we provide, but this does not…

  • HealthBenefits Of Yoni Steam

    Benefits Of Yoni Steam: Things To Know About Vaginal Steam

    It should not be forgotten that there are no scientific studies to show the benefit of vaginal steam. “While this ancient work strengthens the womb connection and connects us with our female lineage before us, it also activates the womb wisdom that has been carried to us from them. All…

  • Plantsinsect prevention

    How To Destroy Harmful Insects In Your Flowers Naturally?

    Flowers that add beauty to their living spaces are sometimes invaded by insects. You may have to say goodbye to your flowers when you cannot find the cause and solution. So, are there natural solutions to kill insects in flowers? In this article, we will tell you how to get…

  • Useful InformationsBooklice

    Booklice (Psocoptera): How To Clean? Where It Lives?

    Booklice are of African origin. Females of booklice generally lay eggs during the summer season. There is no harm to humans. It is formed on the pages of books and is fed by eating the pages. There are many known species of booklice, which is the worst enemy of aged…

  • Drugstreda

    Treda: Ingredients, Impact On Pregnant Women

    Treda is an over-the-counter drug that helps normalize the intestinal flora, treats intestinal infection and protects the intestinal mucosa. Contrary to popular belief, treda does not cause constipation. Treda┬« is an antibiotic that helps relieve diarrhea. Its active ingredient is Neomycin Sulfate, Kaolin Colloidal and Pectin Citrus. This oral medication…

  • Useful InformationsDo Shrooms Go Bad

    Do Shrooms Go Bad? When Are Mushrooms Dangerous?

    Mushroom, which contains many minerals and is rich in antioxidants and protein, is used in the most delicious recipes. Mushrooms with high nutritional value have different species. Although some of these species are suitable for food, some should not be consumed as they are poisonous. If the mushroom kept in…

  • HealthBichectomia

    How Is Bichectomia Surgery Done?

    Bichectomia, which can also be defined as cheek aesthetics, is a type of aesthetic operation performed by removing cheek fat to give the facial features a sharper appearance. Hollywood cheek and Bichectomia are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably. Bichectomia operation can be considered as a part of Hollywood cheek…

  • HealthAbout diabetes

    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Diabetes

    Diabetes is defined as the body’s inability to use blood sugar properly. Diabetes mellitus is rapidly increasing due to the prevalence of malnutrition and inactivity. While diabetes threatens people from all age groups, one person dies every six seconds in the world due to problems related to diabetes. Studies show…

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