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Jamshid Esedov

I am a freelance writer specializing in stories about health, mental health, medical news, astrology, animal care, medicines and useful information. I write all the articles I write with empathy and accuracy, and I have the ability to connect with readers in an insightful and engaging way. You can click the Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn buttons to contact me.
  • Health10 Most Harmful Foods

    Here Are The 10 Most Harmful Foods To Health

    Harmful foods are one of the most important health problems today. Many processed foods and foods containing additives, especially fast food foods, are in this group. Recent studies have shown that harmful foods are at least as deadly as cigarettes. It is necessary to recognize harmful foods that cause the…

  • HealthHybrid Denture

    Hybrid Denture: Why Is It So Popular? Are There Any Risks?

    Hybrid dentures offer many functional, aesthetic, and psychological advantages to edentulous patients compared to conventional full dentures. This type of prosthesis has many advantages such as preparing highly aesthetic restorations, reducing the stress on the prosthesis in the mouth, and distributing it evenly. What are the Benefits of Hybrid Dentures?…

  • HealthHarm Your Teeth

    6 Habits That Harm Your Teeth Most

    It is important to be informed about the habits that damage the teeth, in order to protect your dental health. You may not neglect oral and dental cleaning, and you may be going to regular dental check-ups. However, if you have habits that are harmful to your teeth, your dental…

  • Healthcoconut

    26 Most Asked Questions And Answers About Coconut

    Coconut, which is grown in the tropical climate and collected in the palm tree, is a very beneficial fruit for human health. It is possible to say that both the water and milk of the coconut, which has brown fibers and has white flesh in its shell, has more than…

  • AstrologyWhat Body Type Does A Cancer Man Like

    What Body Type Does A Cancer Man Like?

    Cancer men, who love to spend time with their family, protect their family and work on behalf of their family, are literally family men. The Cancer man, who likes to spend time with his family at home, wants home life more. Apart from that, the Cancer man has many unknown…

  • DrugsClotles SS

    Clotles SS 40mg/60mg Injection: Uses And Side Effects

    Clotles ss injection is used to prevent blood clots in the leg in patients who are on bed rest or have had hip replacement, knee replacement, or stomach surgery. Its active ingredient is enoxaparin sodium. It is a prescription medicine and is available in pharmacies as 40 mg and 60…

  • HealthSnake Eyes Piercing

    Snake Eyes Piercing: Why is it so Dangerous?

    People can use different accessories to look different and beautiful. Piercings are among the accessories people use. There is a lot of research done on what exactly piercings are. Those who want to have a piercing can do some research on where it is done. Piercings should be done by…

  • Useful InformationsWhat Is Calamari

    What Is Calamari? How To Clean? How To Cook?

    When people think of calamari, a delightful and appetizing meal comes to mind. You probably had calamari on your table during the meal you ate at a fish restaurant by the sea. There are different types of fried calamari recipe, which is known for its crispy exterior and soft consistency.…

  • Useful InformationsSanpaku Eyes

    Sanpaku Eyes: What Is It? What Personality Do They Have?

    Sanpaku gan (三白眼) or Sanpaku (三白) is a Japanese term meaning “three whites”. It started in the 60s when the Japanese writer George Osawa predicted the deaths of famous American figures (JFK, Marilyn Monroe) based on their eyes. Since then, people have come up with some speculations about people with…

  • Useful Informationshow to get blue out of hair

    12 Effective Ways to Remove Stubborn Blue Hair Dye

    In some cases, women, unfortunately, cannot catch the tone in hair dye. There have been times when you were faced with a different color than the hair color you imagined in the mirror. Sometimes you are in a hurry and look for a solution in a new dyeing process, and…

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