HCH Piercing (Horizontal Clitoral Hood)

You know that the most sensitive part of the female body is the clitoris.

The female clitoris alone has about 8,000 (1) nerve endings. Which is twice the number of nerves in the penis.

Some types of piercing can be done on the nipple as well as the clitoris.

When you have this kind of procedure done, you should make sure that you choose the specialist well.

Any wrong piercing can affect the sensitivity of your clitoris and minimize your pleasure during sex.

And the risks don’t end there.

Conditions such as inflammation in the wound area after clitoris piercing may also occur, which in some cases is very dangerous for sexual health.

HCH Piercing

What Are Hch Piercings?

HCH Piercing is actually not done on the clitoris, but on a small piece of skin on the clitoris called the clitoris cap.

Julia Potter, assistant director of adolescent medical at Boston University (USA), warns that “clitoral piercing can drastically increase sensitivity” and even cause permanent nerve damage.

Does It Hurt?

The severity of the pain during or after the procedure differs from person to person. “Everyone’s perception of pain is different, and it’s often influenced by how comfortable the person is,” piercing experts explain. To put it briefly, if you are afraid of pain, you may feel psychological pain.

Are HCH Piercings Safe?

If you pierce the clitoral head (not the clitoris itself) and wear licensed jewelry, the risk is the same as with any other piercing. “Vaginal tissue has a good blood supply and heals well,” the experts explain. However, “risks include infection and the formation of scar tissue, which can block the urethra and prevent urination,” she adds.

He also adds that you can have an allergic reaction to jewelry, especially if it’s made of nickel. Opt for surgical steel whenever possible.

Will It Affect My Sex Life?

All bodies are different, but some people experience increased sexual pleasure and libido after getting a piercing in the clitoris. Stevens explains that it depends on the type of clitoral hood piercing. “Vertical head piercings are more likely to be sexually aroused than horizontal ones, given the way they fit against sensitive parts of the organ.”

Remember to “use barriers during sex” as your piercing heals, Steven says. So, be sure to use condoms for penetrating sex and other protections for oral sex. This will prevent semen or saliva from irritating the puncture site.

Potter adds that the risk of the piercing getting caught or entangled in something during sex is small.

Can Genital Piercings Harm Health?

HCH Piercing 2

Wherever you go, it is possible to observe people with ornaments in the ears, belly, nose, nipples, tongue and other less visible places.

And they can bring health problems in these less visible places. In the late 1999 and early 2000, genital piercings became fashionable in the USA.

Piercings are placed on the penis, scrotum, perineum, inner and outer lip and clitoris.

There are reports that the use of genital piercings can increase sexual pleasure.

But this is very dangerous. In some cases, recovery may take three to four weeks.

It can also cause irritation, keloids, and even rejection.

In addition to causing discomfort, genital piercings can be the gateway to bacteria, infections, hepatitis B and C, and allergic reactions.

Moreover, if the procedure is not done well, it can cause injury to the urethra, clitoris and other complications.

Before getting a genital piercing, it is important to get as much information as possible, to know the risks, to decide whether the company or person doing the work is reliable, whether it uses disposable materials and then whether it is reliable. In some cases, decisions made cannot be reversed.

Your clitoris is the most important organ that gives sexual pleasure to your body. In my personal opinion, I can say that I do not recommend having piercings in such areas.

Do you think it is right to play with an organ that maximizes sexual pleasure during sex? I do not think so.

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