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12 Signs That A Man Is Cheating On His Wife

Unfortunately, as a result of the surveys conducted in the United States, it was revealed that men cheat more than women (1).

However, in some relationships, your partner may misunderstand you and may not be cheating.

Understanding that you have been cheated on depends on the intelligence of the man in front of you.

You may not know that your partner is cheating on you if they are very good at hiding and convincing things.

The information listed below is for informational purposes only.

The fact that this information matches your partner may not mean that he is cheating on you.

Therefore, we advise you to be especially careful.

12 Signs That A Man Is Cheating On His Wife

12 Signs That A Man Is Cheating On His Wife

1. If Your Partner Has Lipstick Stains On His Shirt

Lipstick stains on shirt collars and clothes, some marks on the body during sexual intercourse, the smell of another woman in the hair or clothes may indicate that your partner is cheating on you.

He can go in the morning with another pair of underwear and return in the evening with another pair of underwear.

Especially if all this is happening more than once, it’s time to get suspicious.

2. Is He Obsessed With His Looks?

Maybe she dresses better, maybe she’s suddenly using an excessive amount of aftershave cologne.

Maybe all of a sudden his love for the gym resurfaces and he starts lifting weights.

If the perfume she uses suddenly changes and her style of dress changes, this may be a bit suspicious.

He doesn’t usually shower a lot, but at times like these, it’s another tip to come home and start taking a shower or take a shower before going to bed.

He may be doing this out of guilt or to get over the smell of the woman he cheated on you with.

He may also be cleaning his car more often so that there is no trace of the other woman.

3. Working Hours Get Longer And Spends Nights Away From You

Suddenly, your spouse’s working hours are increasing, sometimes he has to travel for work and spends nights away from you, sometimes for a few days or sometimes longer?

Especially when this happens in conjunction with other situations, they are clear evidence that your partner is spending the night with someone else.

In addition, if there is a serious increase in your spouse’s daily expenses without your knowledge (such as food and beverage, hotel expenses), then you can suspect your partner. Start by asking where he is spending the money.

4. He Becomes More Intimate With His Female Colleagues At Work

He’s suddenly becoming more attracted to a friend at work, whether it’s a single female friend or even one of your own.

He talks about her constantly like never before and always wants to help her.

It helps a lot with this woman. In this case, you feel like you are crushed.

5. He Always Thinks Different Things

Always thinking different things

He is with you, but while you are talking, his thoughts are elsewhere. Although physically with you, your partner lives in his own world and is not actually with you. In such cases, it can often be caused by boredom, not cheating.

6. He No Longer Sees You

If your spouse is cheating on you, maybe even if you put a bag over your head as a hat, your spouse may not even notice it.

Even if he really tries hard to be by your side, there may be a problem if he doesn’t really notice you.

7. If He Blames You

Your partner accuses you of being jealous or crazy, paranoid, overly suspicious, etc.

Counterattack is the weapon most often used by those who betray their partner.

There are certain tactics that will make you doubt yourself.

If you’re not really a jealous person in general, then trust your inner voice.

8. Even If Your Partner Shows You His Messages, He May Be Cheating On You

Your spouse shows you sms messages and e-mail accounts.

A man who specializes in cheating will surely use a separate cell phone that you have never seen to talk to other women.

This also applies to e-mail accounts. As for her social media posts, your spouse will of course not post any clues or evidence on their social media accounts that would give them away cheating, unless they’re smug or not particularly trying to get you to notice.

9. A Sudden Outburst Of Kindness

He lets you watch whatever you want on TV, buys you gifts and wants to take you to your favorite restaurant for dinner.

If he has started to encourage you to make programs according to your own, even though he has caused problems before, and has started to support you to visit your meetings with your friends.

This may be due to two reasons. Some of the men who cheat on their wives start to be happier in their lives in general because of their other relationships, while others feel guilty for cheating and want to make up for what they did with such gestures.

10. Maybe It’s The Other Way Around

Your spouse constantly finds fault with you or thinks that you are cheating on him.

When a relationship loses its appeal, it’s easy for couples to get angry at each other.

The cheating party sometimes thinks: “If I can cheat on him without my knowing it, maybe he’s cheating on me just as well.”

11. Your Friends Talk Bad About Your Spouse

Warnings and hints from coworkers, friends, and family members are also important. Chances are, these people want your well-being and know something you don’t.

12. Your Inner Voice Is Screaming That Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

Maybe you can’t find any evidence to justify what your inner voice is saying, but that doesn’t mean that what your inner voice says isn’t always true. All he does is tell you the truth based on maybe a thousand little clues.

Of course, only one or two of these items may not mean anything on their own.

But if you’re observing at least half of the items, you’ve got serious signs of cheating.

If you are wondering how often men masturbate, you can read this article.

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