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Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Vaseline: Effect On Hips

Big hips and a low-fat tummy are the body shape most women want.

Women try a lot of methods to have this body structure.

One method that is constantly being heard from ear to ear is that the combination of vaseline and olive oil enlarges the buttocks.

Vaseline and olive oil can benefit you when used in moderation on the skin.

Read our article to the end because at the end of our article we will give you tips on buttock augmentation and leave a video that we think will help you.

Do Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Vaseline Really Make Buttocks Bigger?

No. Vaseline and olive oil do not enlarge the hips.

It’s just a myth floating around.

If your hips are small and you want to enlarge them, you can choose exercise or surgery methods.

There are many buttock enlargement creams (DIYs) on the market, but they are just creams and do not have any effect on the growth of your buttocks.

Why Do Olive Oil And Vaseline Don’t Enlarge Hips?

Since Vaseline and olive oil are applied externally, they do not contain substances that will cause any change in the texture of the hips, even if massaged.

Therefore, no matter how much massage you do, you cannot enlarge your buttocks.

Hip Augmentation At Home

  • Squat – It is one of the most effective exercises to enlarge the buttocks. Activates the hip muscles completely. There are many types of squats, and an expert should be consulted to determine which type of squat will activate your hip muscles and get the best efficiency. In the squat movement, bodyweight is given to the heels instead of the knees. Feet are fixed at hip-width. It is necessary to squat and then return to the standing position.
  • Working with Dumbbells – The thigh area is worked with dumbbells. Hip enlargement movements with dumbbells are extremely effective.
  • Hip Lift Movement by lying on your side – Lie sideways on the mat. The lower leg is bent at the knee. The upper leg is extended straight. Up and down exercise movements are repeated periodically.
  • Lunge – Works the front and back of the legs. This move effectively develops the hip muscles. For this move, feet are hip-width apart, one foot is stepped forward, and both knees are bent at once. The back knee lowers to the floor while the front knee is kept centered directly over your ankle. This exercise is done for 30 seconds and rested. Continue the movement with the other leg.


  • Exercises should be applied in harmony with nutrition and rest.
  • The growth will be with the growth and development of the hip and the muscles close to it. Muscle-building movements should be included in exercise programs.
  • Regular exercise programs that cover the whole body should be preferred.
  • Since the muscles develop with protein, the amount of protein in the nutrition program should be very careful.
  • Exercises should be performed in the specified form and number.

Foods To Be Consumed To Enlarge Buttocks

A healthy program should be established for the growth of the hip and protein intake should be provided.

  • Quinoa – It helps to have big and wide hips. It is a powerful protein source.
  • Egg – It is an easy to cook and a strong protein source. It is extremely effective in muscle building and repair.
  • Fish – Especially tuna and salmon are rich in omega 3. It allows taking the weight from the hips.

Kidney beans, dry beans, chickpeas, cottage cheese, chicken breast, and protein powder are among the foods that help to enlarge the hips.

Plants That Can Be Used For Buttocks Enlargement

  • Fennel seeds – They can also be consumed as a tea.
  • Fenugreek Seed – Infused in hot water. By consuming this herb up to 3 cups a day, it is provided to increase the estrogen hormone.

Can Hip Augmentation Exercises Be Done at Home?

hip enlargement exercise

There are hip enlargement exercises that you can easily apply at home without going to the gym or getting any special training from a fitness trainer.

The hip muscles, which are considered to be the strongest muscles of the body, hide under the fat layers with the weight gain of the body.

Those who want to shape their hips and lose weight can easily do hip tightening movements, hip enlargement movements, and hip exercises that are suitable for them at home.

It is important that the exercises are performed in accordance with the instructions and the number of times as shown.

In order for the hips to be in proper form and to have a more rounded shape, the muscles should be aligned by doing fitness and cardio training.

While doing these exercises at home, it is essential to apply for a balanced and healthy nutrition program in accordance with the exercise program.

What Is Hip Augmentation Surgery And Who Is It Suitable For?

hip enlargement exercise

Butt lift, called Brazilian Butt Lift, makes butts look more rounded, voluminous, and lifted.

Inspired by the hourglass-like body structure of Brazilian women, this plastic surgery helps to make the butt appear straighter by treating the flattened and the sagging butt.

The first part of our body that cannot resist the effect of gravity is our hips.

In addition, factors such as losing weight, giving birth, and not exercising causes rapid deformation of the hip.

It is not possible to lift the sagging hip by exercising and doing sports.

At this stage, hip aesthetics come into play.

Thanks to hip aesthetics, hip augmentation, and hip lift can be performed.

How Is Hip Augmentation Aesthetics Performed?

hip enlargement exercise

Hip augmentation surgery is performed with the person’s own fat tissue and is generally safe.

Generally, fat extraction from the waist, abdomen, and leg regions is preferred for fat transfer.

Thus, both the patient is provided with regional thinning and the body is given an hourglass shape by creating fullness in the hips.

Hip augmentation aesthetics is performed under general anesthesia and usually lasts up to 1.5 hours.

With fat transfer, your excess fat in hip augmentation surgery is pulled out and injected into the appropriate points on your hip.

Since there is no risk of allergy in the person’s own adipose tissue, the results of hip augmentation surgery with fat injection make the patients very happy.

Is Hip Augmentation Aesthetics Permanent?

The results of hip augmentation aesthetics with fat injection are not permanent.

However, thanks to the developing aesthetic methods, regional fats can stay on the hips of the person for a longer period of time.

In hip augmentation aesthetics, approximately 40% of the fat melts.

The remaining 60% is permanent.

If the patient has fat reserves, fat injection can be done again and the butt volume can be supported.

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