• Zafnol

    Zafnol Tablets: Uses, Side Effects, Precautions & More

    Zafnol is a drug whose active ingredient is atenolol, which is used to treat high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats (arrhythmia). It may also be prescribed to treat chest pain from angina. The use of this drug by high blood pressure patients helps prevent future heart diseases, heart attacks and…

  • Dexabion Injection

    Dexabion Injection: Use In Pregnancy, Side Effects And More

    Dexabion injection is used to treat severe allergic reactions. The active ingredients in this injection drug are listed below: Vitamin B12Vitamin B6Vitamin B1Deksametazon Vitamins usually do not cause any problems when used normally. So what is Dexamethasone, an ingredient in the drug? If we learn about Dexamethasone, the active ingredient…

  • Medazine

    What Is Medazine? Uses And Side Effects

    Medazine is an anti-disease medicine whose active ingredient is Cyclizine Hydrochloride. It is used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by illness or another reason. Medicine can be used to treat dizziness, morning sickness, travel sickness. This medicine can also be used to treat diseases caused by general anesthetics after…

  • Adimod

    Adimod (Pidotimod): Uses, Side Effects And More

    Adimod 400 mg

  • Melatin

    Melatin: Uses, Side Effects, Precautions And More

    Melatin (Melatonin) is an over-the-counter medication that treats sleep problems (insomnia) and sleep cycle disorders due to time changes (“jet lag”). When you use this product, your problems falling asleep and waking up at night may decrease. Melatonin is a substance made by our body. Exactly how it works is…

  • Banophen Capsule

    Banophen Capsule: Uses, Pregnancy, Side Effects And More

    Banophen capsule is an antihistamine drug whose active ingredient is diphenhydramine, which relieves allergy symptoms. This drug is known as a Sleepy (soothing) antihistamine and may make you feel more sleepy than other antihistamines. Banophen capsule is usually used for the conditions listed below: CoughShort-term sleep problems (insomnia), including itching…

  • A&D Original Ointment

    A+D Original Ointment: Uses, Side Effects And Cautions

    A+D Original Ointment is a cream that provides a protective barrier to prevent rash by helping to seal the wetness with its active ingredients Lanolin (15.5%), Petrolatum (53.4%). It helps relieve discomfort when applied to chapped, irritated skin It is designed to cover wetness and prevent diaper rash. A+D ointment…

  • Aspercreme Pain Relief Cream

    Aspercreme Pain Relief Cream: Uses And Side Effects

    Sometimes muscle and joint pain can be a really annoying health problem. The most common cause of muscle pain is overuse of the muscles or minor injuries. Factors include difficult games such as tennis, stumbling, falling, or strains and strains that cause your muscles to become stiff and sore. What…

  • Emetrol

    Emetrol Syrup: Uses, Side effects, Doses and Precautions

    Emetrol is a syrup used for the relief of nausea due to stomach upset. Liquid formula specially created from the active ingredients in the drug (Dextrose (D-Glucose), Levulose (Fructose), Phosphoric Acid relieves the stomach. For over 60 years, many doctors and pharmacists have recommended over-the-counter Emetrol syrup. The syrup is…

  • Benadryl

    Children’s Benadryl Dosage

    It is an antihistamine drug that relieves allergy symptoms with diphenhydramine, the active ingredient in Benadryl. Benadryl is known as a sedative drug and makes you feel more sleepy than other antihistamines. This medicine is usually used for the conditions listed below: Short-term sleep problems (insomnia), including a cold, cough,…

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